You Can’t Cherish Complete Happiness By Escaping All Negativity

Being Positive

You would probably have the common thinking that true happiness means deleting every mark of negativity. Well, like you, every human on earth feels the same way. They think it is necessary to get rid of all kinds of negativity like regret, sadness, displeasure, resentment, or jealousy to be happy. But what if you realize that you can’t cherish true contentment escaping all negativity.

Yes, the feeling of true happiness remains incomplete if there is no negative feeling. Most humans possess a usual mental preparation. Whenever they meet with negative emotions, they have to kill that else those emotions can hamper the process of attaining joy or contentment.

There is a common tendency among people to brush aside all pessimistic, gloomy emotions. They even get frustrated when they fail to tame them. The truth is the occurrence of negative thoughts is a normal, ongoing process. It happens whenever your mind gets an element to bring them back. In a word, the said element works as a catalyst to make them appear once again. The bitter truth is the more you will try to drive away your negative thoughts, the more they will appear with robust dominating quality. And then you will have no choice but to accept them.

Now, the question is, do accepting negative thoughts mean shedding the opportunity of attaining happiness? No, not. By accepting, you acknowledge that satisfaction and dissatisfaction are inevitable parts and parcel of human lives. And, you can’t have one by eradicating the other one. Yes, you can beat one to make the other one a winner. In short, the complete annihilation of your negative thoughts and emotions is an ongoing process that occurs from time to time.

Life is a journey full of ups and downs. When you meet the ‘ups,’ you cherish contentment, and when you encounter ‘downs,’ you face dissatisfaction. And once you have the dissatisfaction, you must crave satisfaction. That means heartfelt acknowledgment for good takes place only when you get the bitter taste of bad. People rate true happiness as one of the most valuable ornaments in life because they have already tasted sadness. It is undeniable that life is the definition of contrast where both positivity and negativity exist to balance that contrast.

So, unnecessary fighting with negative emotions means wasting energy. If you have difficult times and nothing is going well, be conscious and take time to create meaningful steps to overcome that. If the challenge is too strong to overcome, then be brave to let the challenge survive for that moment and give it a space to leave you. Once the painful period is over, start concentrating on attaining the good times. Remember, there could be a few tears in your eyes, but new dawn with a shiny morning must embrace you after the passing of the dark night. And it is that dark, which helps you to understand its necessity. It allows you to know why you crave a shiny morning and why that morning is so soothing.

The bottom line is the purpose of accepting that bitter moment is to experience and realize its nature and let it go forever. Maybe a new challenge will appear in the future, but the current one can’t make its way anymore because you are familiar with it and fully prepared to eradicate it.

Most importantly, let your feelings live freely. Don’t get frustrated with challenging moments, and don’t always blame others for all negativity. Be sure that sometimes challenges, negativity, or sadness try to make you understand something about yourself. They unlock your weak points in front of you and compel you to think and chalk out meaningful ways to address them. In short, they unfold opportunities for you to make up for your deficits, which bring negative thoughts and, in addition, helps you to be strong enough to make true happiness your permanent companion. In a nutshell, one thing is evident that negativity doesn’t always mean pessimism or discontent. The only necessity is a commendable mentality to determine why it appears and how it can become helpful or beneficial.

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