Writing Means An Eternal Soul Mate That Never Abandons You

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Can writing be a genuine soul mate? Or can it be an eternal friend that will not abandon even in the deep crisis? It is hard to find the fittest answer to this million-dollar question.

Most people consider writing a medium only to express something on paper. Also, it appears to them a challenging task that needs a lot of strain, responsibility, and thinking. In addition, it urges more perfection compared to reading and talking. And these are also the reasons that lead them to stay away from writing.

It is undeniable that you, being a reader, can easily consume so much writing. But when you are told to write something, like many others, you also find it a difficult job to perform. And The reason is there is a general concept that writing doesn’t mean merely penning down letters or alphabets on paper. It is more of a big responsibility that needs an extraordinary quality.

In a word, this spontaneous word drawing on papers has remained a panicking work for ages. And, a considerable number of people, even in modern times, feel that anxiety and fear while writing something, be it a small or long one.

However, famous creations of eminent worldwide authors have proved that writing contributes a much more significant role in their lives. They took it as a vital way to manifest their feelings, thoughts, ideas, pains, and pleasure. For them, pen and paper were the most effective tool to draw their passions about natural beauty. Words appeared as their undying friends to vent their anger against the malpractices in society. New thoughts and ideas came to life with their uniquely sequenced alphabets.  

Even modern authors give priority to writing to unlock their elegance in thoughts. Writing indeed brings the opportunity to open your thoughts and let them fly free. It helps to think and live in an ever-changing creative world.

Nonetheless, these instances don’t mean authors only have the license to use writing as part of their life journey. Every individual can adopt it to represent their words. And there is no need to feel unnecessary mental strain to draw words on paper.

Also, you must understand that writing something doesn’t always need the exaggeration of perfection. Writings of many famous writers have shown that a natural flow of words appears more attractive and appealing. And the unnecessary baggage of vanity to portray perfection or create a good article results in a baffling or undecipherable piece of letters. In a word, a spontaneous and worth reading article always appears engaging.     

Feeling unnecessary strain to portray your thoughts through words doesn’t need extra effort. Neither does it urge any specialty. When you write to express your feelings, it only demands your unconstrained passion and emotion towards expression. Moreover, pen and paper altogether emerge as the most desirable soul mate to address your loneliness. And the emergence of the sequence of letters from this desire remains forever with you as an eternal friend who will never desert you even in your most difficult days.

Writing always emerges as the most effective tool to address that torment when you suffer immense mental pain and none to hear. It seems as if the pen ties a bond with the paper and paves the way for relieving your agony.

Yes, writing, in truth, always remains a faithful companion. It remains an ally who is ready to walk selflessly hand in hand during your good days and bad days. You only need to accept it as a genuine partner, not a confederate. 

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