Without Uncertainty, The Certainty Of Success Is Impossible

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Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay / Uncertainty

Uncertainty is an inescapable part of life. It is an undeniable part of everyday working. And, without it, the certainty of success remains unachievable.

Every individual runs for a secure life. And this chasing happens daily. No doubt, the craving is acute for all. But very few foresee what to choose and how to proceed on the first attempt. In short, most people don’t know where to start.

Yes, for the majority, searching for an assured positive outcome is challenging and stressful. The journey of selecting the best lot with the most satisfactory result begins for the first time after leaving school. Almost every person harbors on the seas of endless choices at this stage. But no one can help identify the right choice. However, many people prefer to advise about what to do. Nonetheless, those individuals eventually remain responsible for selecting the best pick.    

And the truth is no decision or selection appears correct until it provides the desired result. No doubt, some exceptions must emerge. But that doesn’t mean picking the right choice from endless options is a child’s play.

If the first selection doesn’t fit the desired match, then something new to try is the next option. And this is the story of every human being. Also, if the next choice doesn’t go well, then moving to something else must be the next option. And it remains a continuous process until the coveted consequence gets visible. It is like a journey of repetition till reaching the craving destiny.

It is the same as selecting the best book for a specific subject. There is no denying that it is most unlikely that a man will get the preferred one on the first attempt. The best way to identify the perfect book is to go through lots of books. The process may appear sometime tiring. Even sometimes, they bring disappointments. But, the reality is successful selection will be impossible unless the man embraces this path of discovery and undertakes the uncertainty.

Proceeding unpredictably to land on the perfect one may seem undesirable for many. But, in reality, every uncertain or tentative step helps to move one step forward in discovering the coveted certitude.

A thousand examples show that many people found no way but to pass through so many ambivalences to reach the required spot. And all the unfruitful prior walks helped them to accumulate essential and meaningful viewpoints. These walks might appear not perfect. But they were very significant. They unfolded skills to separate the unproductive paths to identify and hit the certainty of the desired success.

Nevertheless, it does not mean uncertainty vanishes. In truth, it unfolds its existence at every molding point of life. Yes, it is present at every turn of life.

Uncertainty becomes visible in every new step. It is visible at the beginning of study life, the onset of working life, and even the inception of a new relationship. Each of the said ones unveils unpredictability as well as positive possibilities.

It is undeniable that standing in uncertain conditions compels a man to obtain the exercise of continuously reinventing himself. It drives him to adopt new game plans constantly with the risks of giving birth to better or bitter outcomes in the near future. But facing challenges while walking on the undetermined pathway at the same time unfolds confidence. It makes a person confident about not paving the futile paths anymore. As a result, uncertainty emerges as a boon, not a bane.

In a word, it unlocks umpteen choices. It brings opportunities. Moreover, it prepares a man to take on different options in life to select the most fruitful one. It creates a spark or an urge to shape a new innovative mind that leads to a successful story.                 

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