Happiness in poor countries

Why Is Happiness In Poor Countries More prominent?

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Happiness in poor countries
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Searching for contentment or happiness is an everyday activity of every individual. However, how many of us on this earth get lucky to achieve that pleasure is a million-dollar question. Some say people of rich states possess that delight. But various reviews in different times opine differently. According to these analyses, wealth and money can’t be a parameter to measure a person’s actual mental joy and satisfaction. Even several extensive assessments reveal that many people of wealthy nations search for happiness in poor countries.

In modern times, people are more self-centric. They tend to participate in a rat race of earning wealth. During the last 30 years, many famous economists have discovered that people of several wealthy or cash-rich states suffer from high anxiety and depression due to this rat race. Even despite having all the amenities, they find it hard to have peaceful well-being.

On the other hand, people in several low-paid and middle-income nations remain happy and mentally satisfied compared to the residents of wealthy countries. According to experts’ opinion, there could be several reasons behind becoming happy. But the ultimate element that causes happiness is mental satisfaction. In truth, any effort to attain contentment will appear meaningless if that fails to bring the coveted psychological content or joy.

As already said, modern humans are much more self-centric if compared to the old times. Yes, their lifestyle and the desperation to acquire more facilities by earning money make them participants in a never-ending race. To achieve that goal, they prefer to possess a nuclear family consisting of a maximum of three to four members. That means they tend to live within a small network of relationships. In addition, they desire to reside in a society that never disturbs their attention for monetary achievement. Furthermore, in most well-to-do nations, inhabitants are prone to live with a more sophisticated and modern look.

Nonetheless, a big chunk of these present-day humans only uses social media platforms to make others aware of their very existence. But, this specific way of living finally forces them to surrender in a mental uneasiness. They forget to communicate with their friends and dear ones. It results in several fatal psychological disorders and keeps their chances away from attaining happiness.

However, in middle-income and low-income states, people choose to live in large networks of relationships. They have an inherent tendency to reside with their family members and dear ones. In short, they feel pleasure and hold a sense of achievement for becoming members of big families. They always have a mental satisfaction for the unique feeling that so many members of their families are ready to help in time of need. One unavoidable bitter truth regarding this is it is challenging to fight crisis alone.

In a word, life is full of ups and downs. And no one knows when problems will appear in life all of a sudden. A unit of helping hands is the best tool to overcome those problems. And it is only possible in a united household. A person can’t address all problematic issues alone all the time. Moreover, a lonely mind must first fight against fear and distress before fighting against worries and difficulties. In addition, contentment remains unreachable unless a calm and peaceful mind is accessible.

Besides, one vital fact about wealth is it makes humans less generous. How? By making individuals isolated both physically and mentally. One unquestionable truth is that isolation always impacts negatively on the efforts of reaching happiness. Nearly all wealthy men have a common tendency to maintain a high-status lifestyle, which distances them from others. A selfish attitude to show others how cash-rich and prosperous they are gets prominent among them. An inclination for establishing a foolish competition snatches away their mental peace. A proneness to differentiate wealthier from the society of human beings only bestow jealousy.

Fortunately, inhabitants of a not at all wealthy nation don’t get isolated, either physically or psychologically. Their relationships with their neighboring and other individuals are so tightly knit that they don’t get the time to explore a mentality of showing other people how monetarily inferior they are. 

One more thing is low-income residents of not-so-wealthy countries never get bored because they have the opportunity to spend time together with their family members. It is also a vital cause to attain a peaceful and satisfactory mind. Also, they don’t feel the urge to possess excess mundane facilities because of less monetary facilities. However, it doesn’t disrupt their everyday living. With a small amount of income, they can suffice their basic needs. They don’t want to be the participants of a rat race of the growing demands. And the sense of inequity is less visible among them. Even they are not prone to get engaged in any conflict regarding high or low monetary possession. Such a low demanding mental state always feels the enthusiasm to retain a peaceful mind. And this is the reason why happiness in poor countries is a reality at present.

In recent times, several instances have emerged that have unfolded why many wealthy men travel to poor states searching for happiness. It is impossible to deny that one universal and always acceptable takeaway is not possible. But, a genuine effort to understand and realize the actual reason behind happiness can explore the ways to obtain it successfully. Also, mental satisfaction is a part of human psychology that needs continual initiative and encouragement. In developing or low-income countries, a natural atmosphere of simplicity always exists, which never makes people prone to chase material resources all the time. Inhabitants here know the value of life. Their everyday living acts as the catalyst to boost up the well-being of their societies. And a simple life always appears as the source of joy and so happiness in poor countries is so acute in current times.

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