have a blessed Sunday

Why ‘Have A Blessed Sunday’ Only?

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have a blessed Sunday
have a blessed Sunday

Making every day a blessed day is a common demand of every individual. But when you send blessings to someone and let them know that you care for them, then the moments of joy turn into achievements for them. ‘Have a blessed Sunday’ is one such wish that your dear ones expect from you, or you can expect from them as part of everyday desire.

Sunday is a rest day. People usually get a chance to spend their weekly leisure time on this day. After a long weekly burden, Sunday appears as the most coveted day of rest for everyone. Now, getting blessed on this coveted day always emerge as something special.

However, one big question is why your wish most of the time read as ‘have a blessed Sunday.’ Or why your dear ones prefer to wish you a blessed Sunday. There could be a thousand opinions or theories to define why there is a common tendency to consider the day of rest as the best to send someone blessings.

There is no need to discuss this issue depending on various experts’ opinions. It is better to talk about it from your perception, feelings, thoughts, or experiences.

Some personal perceptions:

After a series of six busy workings days, we usually get Sunday as the rest day. Some say after freeing from a packed, busy schedule of six days, people get the opportunity to share their love and concern with others. They choose the day of rest as the best time to show their dearest persons that they wish only the best for them.

Sunday is also regarded as the worship day, especially by those who believe in Jesus Christ. That means the rest day is a prayer day as well as an auspicious day. Therefore, there could be a common perception that people may choose this day as the best time to prayer for the well-being of the loved ones, and sending them blessings is a part of the said act.

Also, some men say that Sunday is the day to thank the Almighty for bestowing blessings on humans. From that point of view, wishing a blessed Sunday can be very meaningful and significant. In a word, humans consider this day to show respect to God. By uttering ‘have a blessed Sunday,’ they want the grace of God to remain with their dear ones forever, and they will have the feeling of contentment and peace in their heart.

Apart from the above perceptions, there is a different notion among people about the blessed Sunday.

There is no denying that you bless someone to overcome all hurdles in his life. In the same way, wishing a blessed Sunday means offering blessings with wisdom and knowledge. So that the blessed person can face and manage all challenges and problems. He must possess the courage to laugh at those challenges because those obstacles are temporary, and he is forever.

We work hard to earn money so that we can enjoy all kinds of facilities. Even, sometimes we don’t hesitate to imitate rich people. However, for so many years, great men worldwide have been advising not to follow those rich men who don’t hesitate to throw their souls away. They want people to accept God’s grace as much as possible before the time ends. And Sunday could be the beginning day of every week to receive those gracious offers of God.

One crucial truth about life is it can’t be just a recipient. Life is a turning point that shows what you acquire as blessings and how you achieve the feeling of contentment and peace by sharing those blessings. By uttering ‘have a blessed Sunday,’ you share those blessings to accomplish the everlasting peace and happiness in you from a selfless heart.

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