baby's first cry

Who Is the Happiest Person on Baby’s First Cry?

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baby's first cry
baby’s first cry

For a mother, nothing is so beautiful as her baby’s first cry. The little one successfully makes his presence through his first cry, and his mother is the happiest person on earth to feel that presence.

Baby’s first cry signifies his or her ultimate entry into the world of reality. Her baby’s crying is something special for every mother because it establishes the most beautiful and precious relationship on earth. After a prolonged period of ten months, when a mother gets the opportunity to hear her baby’s first cry, she knows that a special attachment is now going to take shape in reality. Yes, an ever-green bonding is currently taking place between a mother and her baby.     

Baby’s first cry sends the mother a message that it’s now your turn to start caring and nurturing me. The pious bond between child and mother becomes so Carey that even the slightest movement or cry of the newborn in the middle of the night makes her more attentive. Every time she sets her eyes on the little sweeting, she falls in love. Even the baby’s crying at night reminds her of the attachment she felt on the newborn’s first cry.

There is no denying that a mother is the happiest person in the world who can cherish her baby’s first cry as the most irreplaceable attainment. This attainment is a vital human instinct, which gives the newborn a sense of safety, pride, and assurance. Most importantly, the said attainment emerges as the fulfillment of a long ten-month period of waiting. The period that shows how a mother cherishes the feeling of the little one’s first flutter in her belly. It reminds her how she enjoys the baby’s kick. Also, during the said period, the little one in the womb starts recognizing mama’s warmth of love and happiness.

Along with the mother, a baby also becomes happy after birth when he feels her touch on his soft, tender skin. The little one can convey his emotion by establishing eye contact with his mother.  His teardrop mingled with crying even unlocks a set of significant meanings. From day one, the baby’s crying indicates it’s time to have an urgent feeding. It signifies the best time for special mother care. In a word, the newborn, through her crying, prepares to start a conversation with his mama.

 A silent voice or intense crying, or a holy smile on the baby’s face unlocks the expression of all childhood feelings. It appears as if the child is all set to apply for his first whim of life. The baby wants to cling firmly to the only safe and secure address of all his wants.

Happiness is the most coveted part for all humans, be it a child or a mature person. And, for a mother, the presence of her baby is the ultimate happiness of life. Happiness is a feeling that one can’t define in words all the time. But when the feel or warmth relates between a mother and her little one, happiness can’t be limited to only a feeling. It means a bond, attainment, and a relationship that begins its journey from the baby’s first crying.          

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