Literature Books To Read

Two Most Valued Literature Books To Read For Learning And Pleasure

Literature Books To Read
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According to literary experts, literature is the best artistic expression of thoughts. However, how many readers want literature books to read for learning and obtaining delight is a million-dollar question.

Yes, most readers don’t keep a fixed mindset of exploring literary aspects while reading a book. Their prime aim behind studying an author’s creation is to grasp the flavor of the content. Only a few people read to explore literary content. 

However, in both cases, the essential element behind an exquisite flavor of a book is good writing. And undoubtedly, good writing is the aftermath of refined and polished literature. It means all valuable writings, directly or indirectly, remain associated with valued literary aspects. 

It is an undeniable truth that literature is the prime foundation behind writing good content. Books of all eminent writers best define this fact. Be it a famous poet, a novelist, a story writer, or a playwright – all need first to obtain the literary skill to express their ideas in words. 

In reality, these authors pave the way for three main features that prove their literary potential. The first two parts defining their potential are their ability to choose perfect words and use them accurately regarding the content. And the final one includes making the writing completely error-free and mesmerizing. These three together act as the main ingredients of producing good books. And this establishes the fact that all good books remain associated with valued literary aspects.

Now, the question is how one can ideally pick a specific number of books from the vast one as the best good books. Moreover, how the person can recognize them as the best literature books to read is also a big question mark. Selecting only a few from millions of famous creations is, no doubt, a challenging task, mainly when the searching is associated with the English language

It is undoubtedly challenging to evaluate every popular book in a short period. However, to provide a vivid picture of fine literary creation, this discussion covers two best-valued books containing valuable literary content. 

The first one is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

The famous English novelist Jane Austen always unfolded her attractive writing skill in her novels. Pride and Prejudice is one such remarkable piece of unique creation by her. It shows how she has constructed a simple yet brilliant love story between two persons in a most delicate way as the pivotal content of the book.

The portrayal of every character in the story shows how sensibly the author has knitted the plot. A sense of refined consciousness grows and appears more subtle as the storyline develops more complex. Almost every part of the story manifests how the characterization with a perfect style meets her pursuit for vivid adequacy. The readers can feel a constant development in her approach as a writer.

The narrative pattern of the entire situation and the polished yet appealing portrayal of the characters is an extraordinary signature style of the author. The best thing is readers can easily communicate with the characters’ words in the story. 

Jane Austen’s skill in depicting the conflict between characters even establishes her style of achieving harmony in different mentalities. In a word, the novel emerges as providing a satisfying flavor of learning and enjoying. In truth, this book is a genuine literary piece with remarkable literary insights.

The second of the two best-valued literature books to read is Joseph Conrad’s The Lagoon. 

Eminent novelist Joseph Conrad was not an Englishman by birth. However, as a Polish-British writer, he successfully established his excellence as the greatest author in the English language.

Conrad’s famous short story The Lagoon is regarded as one of his earlier works. The plot of the story has an acute exotic romantic Malayan setting. However, the storyline contains a theme of love, betrayal, pain, and repentance. 

The story of The Lagoon begins with a vivid description of the dense Malayan Forest. A white man comes here to interact with a Malayan native, Arsat, with whom he already has a long friendly association. And from here, the central plot of the story starts moving.

With unique sketching of the natural setting, the short story emerges as an extraordinary piece of literary beauty. Also, choosing and placing the most captivating words to portray the entire storyline picture is perhaps a rare example of writing excellence. 

Moreover, representing the theme with a penetrating tragic storyline of love and life unlocks a rare “moral note of fatalism.” The presence of a gloomy and eerie feeling throughout the entire setting unfolds a sombreness. The truth is not many authors have, so far, successfully portrayed such a minute and vivid picturization of the plot. 

Readers can sense the exceptional brilliance of outstanding writing in The Lagoon. Every part of it appears so lively that even the tragic atmosphere of the story appeals to readers’ consciousness with absolute curiosity. Hence, without a doubt, the short story still retains its value as a great literary piece. 

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