Time is valuable

Time is Valuable So Use It But Don’t Waste

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Time is valuable
Time is valuable

Can we identify the colour of time? The answer is no. Can we smell it? Again, the answer is no because time is invisible. But does that mean we can’t feel it? Well, we can feel it in every moment of our survival. That means time is valuable. So using it is good. But wasting it means losing the opportunity of living. And the big the wastage is, the bigger the missing.

Most of us fail to understand the value of time during life’s important and precious moments. Also, human eyes can’t perceive it like other mundane things, so it is easy to spend. And the only time they can realize its worth is when they feel that the end of life is whispering. That means we should have this realization in time to avoid the chance of wasting it.

There are some common instances, which define how most people fail to understand the value of time. 

1. The inclination in paying less attention to value time properly. In a material world, every human craves mundane wealth. And there is no end in such desire. The more we achieve, the more we aspire to attain. But the key to successful attainment involves proper usage of time. And the big question is how many of us are ready to pay attention to appropriate utilization.

 We always want more time to achieve more. Yes, in real life, we don’t possess the mentality to realize that time is money. What it means is if we don’t properly value it, then there is almost no chance to end up with more. Sometimes we do involve ourselves sincerely to act efficiently. However, our plan of action most often doesn’t include the use of time sensibly. In a word, we fail to sense the reality that time is valuable. 

2. Spending time by being unavailable. Nowadays, parents usually keep themselves busy with smartphones. Their involvements in smart gadgets are so strong that they even forget to spend time with their children. Due to this, sometimes the kids suffer loneliness. In short, parents choose to spend time but not with their kids. Physically they remain present, but practically they remain unavailable.

Now, this thing appears painful later for the parents when they try to get back those precious moments once again. Furthermore, they lament and wish to get some more time to devote to their children. The same thing is also applicable for those standing in their 20s or 30s.

Being the participants in the rat race of earning money, these young people don’t even make time to spend with their parents. But when they get the chance to rewind and think about their lost time, they feel the agony of losing precious moments of interaction with parents. They wail and wish to have the notion that time is valuable.

It is indeed true that making money is necessary for a smooth livelihood. But not at the cost of misunderstanding the value of time. We need funds. In addition, we should also know that the motto of earning is to save time for proper utilization, not to waste it foolishly.

There could be thousand more instances to show how we misread the worth of time. We need to possess the sense that we can’t recover lost moments. Therefore, a rational understanding is necessary for proper time usage and to avoid wasting.      

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