Things look hard

Things Look Hard Because You Don’t Attempt And Work On Them

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Things look hard
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Nothing on this earth looks easy until you make that easy. Similarly, nothing stands complicated until you let that remain complicated. Yes, things look hard or easy, depending on your willingness regarding how you want them to prevail.

Whether small or big, every subject matter needs adequate attention to emerge as accessible. In short, you need to give time to a specific thing to make it easy-going and reachable. But if you don’t pay optimal heed to that thing, it must appear difficult to you. The process of learning best exemplifies this fact.

Yes, every craft appears strenuous during the learning time. In the beginning, when you start grasping a new work, it initially looks tough. But, when you get used to it with perfection, then it becomes easy. And some new craft other than that now becomes tough for you. It is precisely how a subject or activity behaves, easy-peasy or hard.

Things you hadn’t attempted before and never worked on certainly seem complicated for you. However, even after passing some extra time, you strive and gradually make them easy-going; they become unchallenging. That means time, effort and willingness are the most crucial factors to make complicated matters as easy as pie.

Every single thing becomes within reach when you execute it with ample time and effort

You should know that time and effort are two inseparable pillars to build success in every part of life. If you have a genuine willingness and invest your time accordingly, you become successful. 

Your goodwill should dominate your attempt unless only spending time couldn’t bring any fruitful result. Your timely heed and care must get the priority behind your effort. Any careful initiative with constant tenacity, patience, and mindfulness helps achieve the desired outcome.

You must have heard of famous Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. To date, people consider him as “the greatest sprinter of all time.” Now you can’t perform like him because you have never given that much time to your practice to attain that excellence. 

Usain Bolt’s life story reveals how he put a rigorous and continuous action and execution to mould his craft into supremacy. He didn’t have an Aladdin’s lamp to become the greatest sprinter in the world in a day or night. The eminent sprinter spent his entire life addressing his ability to perfection. Also, he never gave up hope whenever he became unsuccessful. Gradually he solved all the issues and emerged as the winner. In a word, he never surrendered to difficulties instead gave them a continuous try. 

It means hardships are inevitable in a try. But they are recoverable if they get addressed with enough time and effort. Yes, things look hard only when you don’t have the will to work on them. In truth, in every competition, only a few competitors execute with the highest performance rate to grab medals. The reason is they never bow down to adversity, even if it appears with extremity. They always remain committed to serving their best and snatching the victory.

In every work, you have to start as a novice like every individual in the beginning.

But slowly, you must obtain the momentum to shape your learning into perfection through refinement. For instance, a baby can’t stand and walk firmly on the first try. However, as time passes, that little one starts realizing the improvement acquired with attempts.

The baby’s successful attempts gradually enhance the courage to break the limitation of attempts. The continual try to achieve a solid and robust footing ultimately helps the child get a satisfying outcome. In a word, things begin to look easy only when the little one starts working them. In truth, the only difference between hard and easy is the amount of time and initiative. 

Yes, lacking time and initiative make things difficult. But once you start working on them and give them ample time, they become unchallenging. Yes, you have to provide a particular action with the required time and patience to make it mellow and nonchalant.

So one thing is obvious nothing is complex or straightforward. Only your eagerness or keenness decide to let a matter remain complicated or uncomplicated. In short, things look hard because it fails to get your commitment to addressing. Let your dedication helps drag the uneasy challenges down to easy challenging and thereby feel the magic of success.       

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