The English language

The Making And Moulding Of The English Language

The English language
The English language

The English language of today is the product of a harmonised blend of several factors. It owes its origin to the steady and balanced growth of various important affairs, including social, political, and ecclesiastical.

Today’s English language seems a sober and delicate medium of establishing the connection between people worldwide. However, the beginning story of this moulded outcome witnessed a turmoil period. It all started with Germany’s barbaric peoples’ invasion and settlement in England. According to the historical evidence, before this invasion Roman Empire dominated the land of Britons. And, as a result of this ruling, the original inhabitants of England, i.e., Britons, had nearly lost their linguistic and cultural entity.

But after the fall down of the great Roman Empire, the natives of the land faced an unprotected and feeble situation. Their unprepared and incompetent state helped the German invaders, i.e., the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, to conquer and seize the land without much effort. The said annexation forced the natives to run away and take shelter in the deep mountains of Wales. And the invaders became the new inhabitants of England.

After the settlement, the language of Germanic conquerors got the designation ‘Englisc.’ The modern name of this term is ‘English.’ This is how the footing of today’s English language got shaped in the remote past.

The above discussion unfolds a part of the making of the English language. But it doesn’t mean that the essence of this language could only get detected in German tribes’ settlement in Britain. Many different things like linguistic, literary, social, and political acted as the key forces for years after years behind the making and moulding of the language. Undoubtedly, the accumulative impacts of all these forces built a robust and firm foundation of the language.

The modern English language is indeed the outcome of so many centuries’ evolution. Varying social and political incidents at different times have moulded the journey of the history of Britain. This important course impacted the life of the natives so much that it left solid effects on these peoples’ language.

It is hard to deny that the development of the English language has an extensive history. Yes, a lengthy history including a journey from the Roman conquering to the current age of science and literature. Various events during this long period worked as catalysts to boost the growth to construct the potent edifice of the present-day English language.

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