Profoundness In Shakespearean Comedy

The Incomparable Profoundness In Shakespearean Comedy

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Profoundness In Shakespearean Comedy
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Shakespearean creation means the touch of genius. Yes, the mastery in Shakespeare’s every innovation carries the evidence of uniqueness. Even the crude criticism can’t point to the playwright’s ideas as a shallow stream. And the reason, for sure, is the matchless depth in his wonderfully crafted innovative concepts. The incomparable profoundness in Shakespearean comedy is the most prominent example of it.

It is undebatable that Shakespeare’s genius is wonderfully visible in his plays. The dramatist shapes and colors his dramas, especially comedies, with integrity, vitality, and deep depth. And these traits altogether uncover a profound meaning of existence. In short, an intense, heartfelt comment on human life in every Shakespearean creation is evident.

The best part is that the comment doesn’t merely signify morality, especially in comedies. The English playwright does have his morality. But he chooses not to scatter it with the aim of rigorous implementation. He never approves of hard-heartedness. Even he doesn’t hesitate to mock at vanity.

Shakespeare always prioritizes the generosity of the heart. He prefers simple fidelity or faithfulness. And this is one big reason the playwright invents fictional characters like Duke Orsino and Olivia in the famous comedy Twelfth Night. 

The dramatist portrays Orsino, the Duke of Illyria, to show how a person’s sentimentality can unlock immoderate absurdity. It shows how Orsino’s futile effort to love and marry Olivia finally opens a sense of enjoyment mingled with a light touch of gaiety.

On the other hand, Olivia appears with a simple mind who prioritizes honesty and boldness. And because of this, she falls in love with Cesario.

The portrayal of these fictional characters shows that judging human beings with their actual characteristics defines a true sense of morality. And in reality, Shakespeare possesses that moral sense. In addition, it unveils the unparalleled existing profoundness in Shakespearean comedy.

The English dramatist’s most comedies bear a witty but natural touch of moral judgments in a different way. The incidental but involuntary utterances emerge as a natural flow of dramatic artistry in these plays. Moreover, those utterances are not inspirational, but, despite that, they can’t be ignored. And it shows that even the fictional characters in comedy can become a part of human thinking. No doubt, it is only possible due to the unbeatable comic vision of William Shakespeare.

The important thing is that Shakespeare’s comic characters don’t carry this comic vision deeply. Instead, the ‘vision’ is intensely present and penetrating in the playwright’s Cheerful perception regarding the “incorrigible weakness” of the human conditions. He makes use of the impressive far-fetched turns of his comic stories as lessons to demonstrate his absolute inescapable conviction regarding those human conditions.

In a word, the dramatist illustrates that all humans, be the lowest or highest social stature, are bound to abide by changes and circumstances. Yes, nearly all people plan their future events either wisely or casually. However, not all plans meet their long-desired reach. Sometimes unpredictable events hammer the planning and put humans to embrace the sudden changes. In truth, unexpected circumstances disrupt their plans.

It means that fortune or luck is the ultimate king to throw a choice. And it is valid for everybody, including the comic characters of the Shakespearean world. That means apart from being a unique author, William Shakespeare remains a minute observer of human nature. And that is why the living profoundness in Shakespearean comedy is so appealing.          

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