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That George Bernard Shaw Quotes Which Nobody Can Ignore

George Bernard Shaw Literary
George Bernard Shaw Quotes
George Bernard Shaw Quotes

It is nearly impossible to find an author like George Bernard Shaw. On the one hand, his unmatchable excellence in playwriting, even today, attracts modern readers. On the other hand, his role as a critic unfolds his pioneering personality. In reality, the magic of this eminent Irish writer as a minute observer of human life is visible mainly in his comments that are known as the George Bernard Shaw quotes. 

The Nobel Prize-winner dramatist possessed a stronghold in portraying reality and satire in his plays. His works mirror human life uniquely. Also, his sway on Western theatre manifests his profound observation regarding contemporary societal culture and politics. According to many literary experts, George Bernard Shaw‘s role as a political activist is far-reaching. And that is why it is impossible to ignore the deep inner meaning of the George Bernard Shaw quotes.

Among the long list of these quotes, some remain matchless.

One such quote is – 

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 

 ― George Bernard Shaw

These precious words of Bernard Shaw suggest a precious reality that no one can ignore. The author argues that living only a self-centric mere observative life is meaningless. Life means exploring creativity. 

Yes, spending a life carrying on constructive projects like studying, gaining wisdom, or doing things for true self-upliftment should get the priority. The author wants to say that merely dreaming of something and simultaneously sitting inactive can’t deliver anything good. Only creative thinking and implementing that thought with innovative works, in reality, help a human to live a meaningful life. 

The second very significant comment of the famous Irish playwright is –

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” 

 ― George Bernard Shaw

This one of the famous George Bernard Shaw quotes reveals an undeniable truth about life. 

Life is the combination of perfection and mistakes. And the undeniable truth is perfection in life only comes when mistakes unlock the door of the urge for betterment. Making mistakes is an inevitable part of human life. A person can’t succeed in his aim without having errors in his approach. 

The autobiographical details of all successful personalities reveal how rigorous their journeys were in reaching the zenith. They made mistakes and learned from them how to make things right. Moreover, errors helped them to understand that the world only honors those who make faults and explore the way to accuracy.

In a word, the world respects only those people with the mentality to do something, even if that is full of errors. Because doing something means trying with dignity. On the contrary, spending an idle life means living a coward’s life. Yes, a man lives an indolent life only when he fears making mistakes. That means the person doesn’t dare to taste the flavor of success by paving the path of learning from faults.

Another significant quote from Bernard Shaw is –

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” 

 ― George Bernard Shaw

Stagnancy in thinking creates obstacles in the path of progress. An individual who never respects the changing time and its requirements for the betterment can’t become a positive and constructive human being.

Change is imminent, especially in the living world. And it is also the driving force of progress. And the valuable part is those who can’t accept that change ultimately lose their ways of development. But those who prefer to follow and maintain the regular upliftment emerge as the savior of society.        

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