Literature Books To Read

Two Most Valued Literature Books To Read For Learning And Pleasure

According to literary experts, literature is the best artistic expression of thoughts. However, how many readers want literature books to read for learning and obtaining delight is a million-dollar question. Yes, most readers don’t keep a fixed mindset of exploring literary aspects while reading a book. Their prime aim behind studying an author’s creation is […]

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unconventional storyline

Unconventional Storyline Is The Lifeblood Of Conrad’s The Lagoon

Joseph Conrad is perhaps one of those few eminent writers who boldly chooses unusual themes as the core subject matter to pen some of his famous works. The lagoon is one such short story of the author that opens up an unconventional storyline. Like many other short stories of several authors, The Lagoon also describes […]

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Joseph Conrad-The Lagoon

Joseph Conrad’s The Lagoon Is A Specimen Of Moral Dilemma

Joseph Conrad’s The Lagoon is perhaps one of those rare literary pieces that acutely draw frustration of human aspirations. A story in the Malayan setting shows an unbearable aspect of human tragedy. Yes, The Lagoon is a tale of a courageous man, Arsat, who only wished to live a bold and peaceful life, devoid of […]

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