poetry of today

Does The Poetry Of Today Manifest Only A Profound Sense Of Tragedy?

A sharp difference is visible between the poetry of today and the previous eras. For sure, modern creations appear more associated with everyday life compared to the past lyrics. And this association molds the poetic content with a changed pattern. As a result, present-day poetry manifests a profound sense of tragedy. In previous ages, poetry […]

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Novel As Dominant Literary Form In Twentieth-Century English

English in Twentieth-century embraced novel as the dominating literary form. With this acceptance and inclusion, the said literary genre started emerging as the most popular narrative feature in modern English literature. An overview of the past literary eras reveals that the Restoration period accepted the charm of comedy. On the other hand, the Victorian age […]

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Poetry Means Appealing To Aesthetic Emotion

Humans are emotional creatures. That means every human being possesses emotions and gets moved by them once and again. And poetry is that effective medium that shapes these emotions in the freest, uninterrupted, unimpeded way. Poetry opens out an entirely different universe of soulful feelings. And humans feel completely enthralled and transported to that aesthetic, […]

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An Era Of Prose

The Eighteenth Century, An Era Of Prose

Without exploring the eventful eighteenth century, it is impossible to realize and define an indispensable literature component. Yes, the period of momentous incidents bears the identity of an era of prose. The appearance of a new social and political dynamism in the eighteenth century unlocked umpteen practicable interests in human society. And these interests desperately […]

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