perfection auto

There Is No Perfection Auto Tool, So Ensure Personal Growth On Your Own

In the modern world, we all search for the perfection auto tool. The reason is we desire to excel in performance in everything. And why not? After all, humans are the only undefeatable living beings on earth. We can triumph over anything that we want. But, can we have a tool that can succeed in […]

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Aim For Improvement First

Aim For Improvement First, And Perfection Will Appear Consequently

You have every right to go after perfection to attain your required success. However, being perfect is not child’s play. You have to aim for improvement first, and once it gets carried out, excellence will appear on its own. From the genesis of human civilization, accomplishment has been a coveted notion that every human being […]

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perfection is not a one-time goal

Perfection Is Not A One-Time Goal; It Is A Continuous Process of Improvement

Perfection is one of the most difficult terms to define in human life. Because no fixed parameter can measure and identify the last word of being perfect. It is an ongoing process of improvement. That means perfection is not a one-time goal. In reality, some people consider excellence as perfection. However, there is a thin line […]

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