Literature Maintains Its Compelling Aura

Literature Maintains Its Compelling Aura Even In Modern Times

Modern-day men have enough time to spend using social media platforms. They have umpteen ways to address their thrust for entertainment using tech gadgets. However, they feel less urge to read books or literary practices. But the truth is literature maintains its compelling aura even in modern times. Literature forever lives in the human mind […]

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Literature Books To Read

Two Most Valued Literature Books To Read For Learning And Pleasure

According to literary experts, literature is the best artistic expression of thoughts. However, how many readers want literature books to read for learning and obtaining delight is a million-dollar question. Yes, most readers don’t keep a fixed mindset of exploring literary aspects while reading a book. Their prime aim behind studying an author’s creation is […]

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Literature Review Methodology

Effectual Means To Compose The Literature Review Methodology

What is literature – this is perhaps the most common question people ask while discussing literature. On the contrary, very few people will be ready to talk about its review or the review techniques. Yes, literature review methodology is not a usual topic people generally consider for debate. However, to get a fair insight evaluation […]

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the power of suggestiveness of literary works

The Power Of Suggestiveness In Literature

Literature means matchless appeal to human intellect. Yes, the power of suggestiveness of literary works always remains crystal clear. Its enticing call to the human concept, passion, and emotion is unavoidable or, more precisely, inexorable.  The redolent power of literature doesn’t appear significant in what it says. Instead, it is about what it ultimately awakens […]

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artistic quality in literature

The Persistent Flow Of Artistic Quality In Literature

Literary work without artistry is unthinkable because they are inseparable. Yes, the flow of artistic quality in literature is a never-ending continual process. It is an essential trait that makes the literary field appealing to the human senses. The undeniable proven truth is that art means the expression of life. It unveils the truth in […]

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Literature embraces universality

Literature Embraces Universality To Connote Human Interest From Broader Perspective

Literature embraces universality and remains profoundly significant consistently. It is mighty enough to supersede all the narrow interests in favor of humanity as a whole. The best part of literature is it never deals with a particular community. Every time it addresses the society of man. And this is also the reason literature that emerges […]

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Literature is not static

Literature Is Not Static But Keeps Growing And Changing From Generation To Generation

Literature is not static at all. Dynamism is its prime driving force. It keeps growing and constantly changing from generation to generation. That means every age has its specific point of interest and specified way of feeling and thinking about things. And most importantly, the literature that produces these particular heeds and emotional states is […]

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children's literature

Children’s Literature in The Form of Book is The Need of the Hour

Does children’s literature in the form of books is the need of the hour, mainly when electronic gadgets are constantly engulfing the world of childhood? Because for so many years, it plays a vital role in molding childhood perfectly.   There is no denying that childhood means the co-existence of curiosity and queries. And, Children’s literature […]

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