children's literature

Children’s Literature in The Form of Book is The Need of the Hour

Does children’s literature in the form of books is the need of the hour, mainly when electronic gadgets are constantly engulfing the world of childhood? Because for so many years, it plays a vital role in molding childhood perfectly.   There is no denying that childhood means the co-existence of curiosity and queries. And, Children’s literature […]

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grey literature

Does Modern Literature Include Grey Literature To Some Extent?

Discussion about grey literature is not new. However, numerous questions may arise if the discussion includes a relation between modern literature and grey literature. Literature means an artistic expression of thoughts filled with feelings and imagination. Modern literature implies expanding traditional thoughts and the inclusion of a new dimension of reality, imagination, and feelings. On […]

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literature of Shakespeare

Literature of Shakespeare Uncovers Coexistence of Versatile Talent and Skill

Limiting the versatile talent of William Shakespeare is completely impossible. Most people recognize him as a dramatist. However, as an expert, he is a champion to pen every aspect of the world of literature. And readers can easily identify this exceptional skill as the literature of Shakespeare. Most people on earth practically know nothing about […]

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literature supersedes narrow interests

Literature Supersedes Narrow Interests To Unveil Universality

Literature supersedes narrow interests and empowers universality. It unveils the strength that never glorifies any vested interest of any class and develops a platform as a whole in favor of humanity. It never deals with a specific society associated with a community. It mainly signifies human society as a whole. And that is why literature […]

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criticism of literature

Criticism Of Literature: Judging The Work Of Art

Criticism is natural, and every genius of art is aware of it. The imaginative power of the creators like poets, novelists or dramatists undergoes various transformations throughout their lifetime. But nobody knows when criticism was allowed to occupy an independent place in art. However, it is purely understandable that criticism and creation are two completely […]

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Literature Is Also The Manifestation Of Modern Lives

How can one define literature? It is a true artistic expression of human thoughts. Yes, it is the most concrete definition. But is it relevant to discuss this topic in the 21st century? Because most people think modern development only involves the association between science and fiction. However, a fair discussion can uncover literature’s necessity […]

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