English Vocabulary

Enriching English Vocabulary Helps To Learn More About English Literature

Enriching English vocabulary means, for sure, acquiring sound knowledge about the English language. Some people even believe that having a solid vocabulary can help them to become smart. However, a hidden truth is it helps to learn more about English literature. Yes, enhancing the volume of meaningful words and phrases ensures a solid language foundation. […]

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The expansion of the English language

Future And Expansion Of The English Language

The expansion of the English language is unquestionably vast and irresistible. The most prominent reason is the constant assimilation and harmonising of different language words. Almost every individual in the world can sense this undaunted feature of the most acceptable living language on earth. The rare quality of respecting, including, and borrowing vital resources from […]

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Growth of the English language

Why The Growth Of The English Language Is Overwhelming And Irresistible

The growth of the English language is the most captivating as well as overwhelming. But the question is why? To begin with, English is the most flexible and dynamic language. It is continuously living and growing from day one of its formations. According to most humans, this leading medium of conversation and writing is not […]

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Linguistic influences

Brief Note On Various Linguistic Influences Enriched The English Language

Apart from various social, political, and religious forces, different languages also influenced the English language extensively. In a word, the dominating impact of linguistic influences on the English language is undeniable.   History shows that from the beginning day of civilization till today, English people have been trying to obtain a more living and growing language […]

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The English language

The Making And Moulding Of The English Language

The English language of today is the product of a harmonised blend of several factors. It owes its origin to the steady and balanced growth of various important affairs, including social, political, and ecclesiastical. Today’s English language seems a sober and delicate medium of establishing the connection between people worldwide. However, the beginning story of […]

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