John Dryden, the author with all delicacies of English literature

John Dryden, A Man Skilled With All Delicacies of English Literature

How to define John Dryden is a million-dollar question even in modern times. The first Poet Laureate of England is perhaps the sole pioneer who possessed all delicacies of English literature. His style itself speaks about his success. Most people know Dryden as a famous English poet. However, his excellence as a translator, playwright, and […]

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realistic artist

Geoffrey Chaucer: An Exceptionally Unique Realistic Artist

Most people identify Geoffrey Chaucer as one of the greatest pioneers of English poetry. And one of his most outstanding achievements lies in being an unparalleled painter of realism. Yes, readers and critics both unhesitatingly recognize him as a matchless realistic artist whose creativity is acutely evident in his art. Chaucer’s realism is indeed extraordinary. […]

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