English Vocabulary

Enriching English Vocabulary Helps To Learn More About English Literature

Enriching English vocabulary means, for sure, acquiring sound knowledge about the English language. Some people even believe that having a solid vocabulary can help them to become smart. However, a hidden truth is it helps to learn more about English literature. Yes, enhancing the volume of meaningful words and phrases ensures a solid language foundation. […]

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John Dryden, the author with all delicacies of English literature

John Dryden, A Man Skilled With All Delicacies of English Literature

How to define John Dryden is a million-dollar question even in modern times. The first Poet Laureate of England is perhaps the sole pioneer who possessed all delicacies of English literature. His style itself speaks about his success. Most people know Dryden as a famous English poet. However, his excellence as a translator, playwright, and […]

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Novel As Dominant Literary Form In Twentieth-Century English

English in Twentieth-century embraced novel as the dominating literary form. With this acceptance and inclusion, the said literary genre started emerging as the most popular narrative feature in modern English literature. An overview of the past literary eras reveals that the Restoration period accepted the charm of comedy. On the other hand, the Victorian age […]

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French revolution and English literature

French Revolution And English Literature, Poetry

No theory or opinion can restrict the boundary of the French Revolution to a mere household matter of France. In reality, it unfolded a new era in entire Europe’s literature, social, economic, and political history. And as per this discussion, its significant impacts were acutely visible in the authors’ works, especially English writers. Also, because […]

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Geoffrey Chaucer's achievents and contributions

The Significance Of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Achievements And Contributions To English Language And Literature

Any discussion about the English language and literature remains incomplete without mentioning Geoffrey Chaucer’s achievements and contributions. The pioneering poet is still standing as the mighty contributor to the English language. Experts believe that he transformed a dialect into a language. A discourse can unlock this truth more accurately. To begin with, a very brief […]

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Marxism-influence as English literature content

Marxism-Influence As English Literature Content

Marx spent a vast portion of his later life in England. Also, the big part of his epoch-making creation, Capital, or Das Kapital, got shaped in words in England that uncovered the principles of Marxism. But the question is whether Marxism-influence as English literature content emerged in the later period.  As a philosopher and socialist […]

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