Critics and criticism

Critics And Criticism, The Inseparable Parts Of Evaluation

Critics and criticism have gone through various transformations over time. And so, defining a critic’s character like an author of a specific trend is nearly impossible. But, they always remain inseparable parts of the evaluation. From time immemorial, humans witnessed criticism as an integral part of art. But when it finally got an independent place […]

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Dickens and criticism

Dickens And Criticism As Portrayed In The Mirror Of Modern Critics

From the beginning of the literary era, no author escaped criticism. To date, every pioneering writer, be it a poet, a novelist, or a playwright, had to face evaluation for their works. Famous Victorian novelist Charles Dickens also met some crucial assessments from the critics in his lifetime for his creations. And the process of […]

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Lady Macbeth and Criticism

Lady Macbeth And Criticism Are Inseparable

Shakespeare conceived Lady Macbeth as a tradition-breaking character in the domain of drama. His craftsmanship portrayed her to define human nature with a completely new concept. However, this portrayal unlocks the door for different critical approaches to her.  And as a result, Lady Macbeth and criticism appear inseparable in The Tragedy of Macbeth. A profound […]

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a great critic

The Contrast Between A Great Critic And A Common Man

You can like or dislike the role of the critics. But you can neither ignore them nor their contribution. Most people, including the common man, believe that those who only choose to criticize can’t do anything good to society. However, the undeniable truth is every individual somehow has to depend on critics to form their […]

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criticism of literature

Criticism Of Literature: Judging The Work Of Art

Criticism is natural, and every genius of art is aware of it. The imaginative power of the creators like poets, novelists or dramatists undergoes various transformations throughout their lifetime. But nobody knows when criticism was allowed to occupy an independent place in art. However, it is purely understandable that criticism and creation are two completely […]

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