Struggling Means Making Progress

Struggling Means Making Progress, Not Non-Fulfilment

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Struggling Means Making Progress
Photo by Malachi Brooks on Unsplash / Struggling Means Making Progress

Reaching the target doesn’t always remain an easy task. Sometimes it embraces difficulties and thereby unlocks struggling or striving. Unfortunately, many people take it as reality and accept the term “struggle” with a negative impression. They identify it with a sense of non-fulfillment. But, in the right words, striving is the natural way to attainment by ensuring that struggling means making progress. 

It is a proven truth that the meaning of existence lies in achievements. And achievements are the outcomes generated after overcoming hurdles. Moreover, every human feels a moment of panic while overpowering these obstacles. The reason is there always exists a scary mind of non-fulfillment. But that moment of terror simultaneously leads to the beginning of striving. In short, it onsets the struggle for successful attainment.

It is beyond doubt that at the beginning of the attainment journey, a hesitation persists. For some, it unlocks a feeling of uncertainty in mind. Some others even prefer to give up after some unsuccessful attempts. Questions like why things become so tough for them usually flood their minds. Their every single-day-struggling puts a question mark on whether there is no end to it.

However, the situation starts changing when they notice a change in the outcome. A feeling of positive development gradually appears as a reality. In addition, a definite sense that something is getting better starts knocking at the notion’s door. Within a short time, the scary moment vanishes. And from here, a robust and positive notion emerges about struggling.

Yes, feel-good moments arrive with a strong understanding that struggling means making progress. A real sense emerges with absolute certainty of the successful accomplishment. The so far bondage emotion under the shackles of fear and hesitation becomes a free bird. And an optimistic viewpoint appears as the symbol of this freedom. The to-date dubious confidence becomes confident and tastes a delight.

However, one undeniable fact is delight or gratification can’t rise from comfort. It exists in those matters that give meaning to human life. Like if the successful accomplishment emerges with happiness today, it is because days’ honest striving possesses the potential to overcome the fear of non-fulfillment. That means, in true words, struggling means gaining progress. And every human learns this truth from achievements.      

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