Shakespeare emerged as a perfectionist

Shakespeare Emerged As A Perfectionist Acquiring Limited Perfect Professional Experience

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Shakespeare emerged as a perfectionist
Shakespeare emerged as a perfectionist

William Shakespeare is probably the numero uno in the kingdom of playwrights. His perfection in depicting characters and the surroundings in the plays is matchless. Superb mastery of a wide variety of subjects makes him the best. However, the truth is, from the beginning, Shakespeare emerged as a perfectionist even without acquiring the required professional experience on various matters.

It is undeniable that the theme of each Shakespearean drama unveils different subject matter. Even readers can pinpoint the plot of every play with a separate identity of perfection regarding several subjects. Yes, the essence of completeness in a drama depends on many topics. And Shakespeare is the best master in addressing those issues with unequalled expertise.

In a word, Shakespeare’s mastery can be visible on numerous topics. These include art, politics, law, history, psychology, Bible, science, and many others.

It is, no doubt, true that obtaining complete knowledge regarding the said subjects is a hard nut to crack for an individual. But, for William Shakespeare, it appears as a cakewalk. His writings make it crystal clear that his understanding is vast and accurate. The accuracy is so flawless that even a perfectionist of the modern age on a particular subject matter must believe that the playwright is professionally enough experienced.

One good example is Shakespearean words regarding the law. Yes, the playwright’s idea and concept about social and judicial law are so unmatchable that lawyers must emphasize without any doubt that William Shakespeare had been a lawyer. And so, Shakespeare emerged as a perfectionist.

Also, sailors must argue that that the dramatist had experience at sea. The reason is the unique drawing of Scene I in the famous play, The Tempest. The depiction points out as if the dramatist could listen to the sailors’ talk and write the sea scene in detail.

Moreover, the sketching of the character Macbeth was so excellent that readers must have a feeling about the writer’s strong bond with a king and his dynasty. In addition, the characterization of the witches unlocks a strong concept that the author had command of sorcery. Even the touch of comedy in As You Like It is so precise that every human being must believe that the author had an association with a family that owned a lively yet comic nature. 

However, according to the available information about Shakespeare’s life, the playwright didn’t acquire enough professional experience in any specific field other than theatre. But, this inadequacy never made it difficult for him to pick up multifarious information and use it with unmatchable accuracy. It is indeed true that Shakespeare is perhaps the only playwright in the world with such remarkable ability.    

It is another big reason why the readers and the critics don’t hesitate to accept the English playwright as the most excellent and notable writer of all ages. He is unquestionably unique in his potentiality to pen every subject in each play with a miraculous insight. Even his biggest critic on earth can’t ignore his skill.  

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