five common sad things

Reverse Five Common Sad Things Into Happiness

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five common sad things
Five common sad things

Try making happiness the ultimate destiny in life. Don’t feel sad and don’t worry. Give a smile on your face. Laugh more. If there are sad things in your daily life, then there must be ways to reverse them into happiness. Let’s choose five common sad things from everyday life and reverse them into joy or happiness.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules that can make you happier instantly. However, some suggestions, or you may call them bits of advice accumulated from real experiences, can be helpful to get rid of sadness. One unavoidable truth is the fulfillment of happiness can only be confirmed when you achieve them both outdoors and indoors. That means your joy will be complete only when you remain happy both inside and outside the house.

Now, let’s begin with the five most familiar sad things in daily life and see how we can reverse them into happiness.

Painful memories

No one can forget or change their past, be it joyful or painful. And feeling regret for the past all-time only contributes to sadness. Remembering painful memories every day means punishing yourself every moment. There is no joy in feeling sad regularly. It is better to burn them all and feel free. In short, make yourself free from all shackles of mental agony. Be a happier human to enjoy a healthier life.

Feelings of low self-esteem

Some people suffer from an inferiority complex that ultimately contributes to low self-esteem. Due to this, they even miss several opportunities to feel better. Sometimes they deserve better even they possess the ability to overcome their low self-esteem attitude. But, they fail to acquire that happier position due to that inferiority complex. They should understand that happiness can only be attainable when they shed that attitude and maintain a positive attitude. You need to be aware of that and don’t be a part of that low self-esteem queue, one of the five common sad things. Remember, happiness is a feeling of ultimate satisfaction, and you can have that only when you crave it from the heart. 

Sad and frustrating news

Television, smartphones, laptops, and tabs – these are all an inevitable part of daily life. You can access various happenings taking place in different parts of the world within a minute through these smart gadgets. The unfortunate thing is that most of these day-to-day happenings involve several shocking and painful incidents, and staying informed with them daily must increase sadness. Therefore, it is better to avoid listening to sad and frustrating news regularly. And even if there is a necessity to make yourself familiar with them, take them only as sad news and don’t make them an integral part of your thought. Remember, optimistic and joyful thinking is the key to attain a happier mood.


It is not that you always get good people who will encourage you in the right direction. You can have some people in your life who want to treat you poorly. These critics tend to make you feel like you are not worthy enough to perform something good in your life. You have to identify those people and maintain a safe distance from them. Try spending time with positive-minded people who must lift you even in your difficult times.


Frustration is one of the five common sad things that every individual faces in life. Some meet them frequently, while others are capable enough to overcome them. Those who are more tend to regular frustration need to understand that frustration is nothing but a specific mental condition, which only increases mental agony. There could be a thousand reasons behind such mental pain. And, the only way to overcome that situation is to possess a strong mind. You must know that people with a weak mindset are more vulnerable to such mental conditions.

We should not forget that problems are part and parcel of regular life. Various incidents can inflict severe mental problems in several ways if we don’t tackle them with a firm hand. So it is the need of the hour to identify or detect and delete those reasons that cause frustration.

Those brave enough to tackle any anger, annoyance, irritation, or discontent are the first to attain happiness. Search the internet, and you could see thousands of inspirational stories that show how many eminent personalities try hard to tame sad things regularly and make life much happier than others. The above discussion points out those five common sad things that most people face in their daily lives. It is undeniable that taming only five sad things can’t erase all sadness. However, they can help you realize and handle your sad time more perfectly and make you a happier person.

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