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Read storybooks
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In a modern digital world, advising a person to read storybooks is something very exceptional and rare. Most people feel comfortable spending time with smartphones, laptops, tab or computers. But the question is, do these gadgets provide any positive thinking? Or can the gadget-users find true contentment in using them?

There could be very few people to give an honest answer to these questions. Because using tech gadgets may explore some enjoyment for some time. But, they can’t provide true mental pleasure. For obtaining satisfaction and true happiness, several trustworthy companions are available and accessible, and books can be one of them. It can play the role of a genuine mate.

Yes, reading books, especially the heart-touching storybooks of eminent authors, can unlock an honest mental satisfaction. They help explore positive thinking and thereby bring happiness.

Good storybooks are always a source of cognitive thinking. It stretches the boundaries of pragmatic psychology. Moreover, reading good and pleasing stories in a book seed a true sense of reasoning in the human mind. Meaningful words in a tale help out readers to see what they think. Even it leads to thinking about what is visible in the words of stories. In a word, good storybooks help visualize the thoughts consisting of the way to attain the desired pleasure and satisfaction.

From childhood, every individual learns one common thing, that achieving wisdom is the ultimate destiny in studying books. However, in reality, this conception only pinpoints famous authors’ creations placed in school education. In the current situation, acquiring knowledge is a little bit different, at least from the present-day concept.

Nowadays, learning, perception, wisdom, empathy, happiness – all relate to the so-called magic box of digital media. Whether a TV news portal or a social media app, everyone is ready to serve knowledge. And, for people, it is hard to escape this costly knowledge. The reason is humans are now inundated with outside activities every minute.

However, it is not yet clear whether the acquired knowledge is wisdom. Even for some folk, it is beyond their understanding whether it can make them happy. Also, one bitter truth is the acquired information seldom provides good news. And it happens due to an unending rat race to sell sensationalism between the news portals.

But, again, one big question is, does this discussion necessary while evaluating the role of storybooks in bringing happiness?

The thing is, all humans on earth are well aware of the fact that books are the only part of human life that is devoid of any foe. But, still, there is a growing tendency to stay away from reading books. There will hardly be one person in the familiar perimeter who would be ready to advise his unhappy friends or relatives to read storybooks because these would make them happy.

But, one unavoidable truth is all good books, including story one, still bear the potential to make people happy. One important reason behind it is authors write them depending on their lifelong experiences. And, stories extracted from real-life journeys and realization always unseal the scope of learning. It defines the actual taste of wisdom containing a feeling of genuine contentment.

There are several kinds of storybooks. Like some books tell stories about traveling. These books usually uncover valuable observations regarding different places and people. There is no denying that such observations always remain timeless stories because they travel through the human soul and enrich peoples’ thirst for learning with curiosity, inspiration, and optimism. These are a piece of genuine entertainment and pleasure.

Some authors prefer to draw their concepts on human life through words. Most readers identify these writers as philosophers. A significant part of philosophical works make attempts to discover means that lead to genuine contentment. These mostly contain a study of fundamental knowledge on various aspects of human life. Most authors of this field tend to unveil a theory through words to transform the painful life into a happy one.

Eminent spiritual advisors like Mark Nepo, too, play an essential role in drawing the necessity of optimism in life. His life-changing book ‘The One Life We’re Given’ spots the purpose of living. It signifies a relevant understanding, i.e., living doesn’t mean to stay alive only. It means to live in a meaningful and genuine wisdom-centric liveness. Yes, the author has gifted significant ways through his purposeful words on every page of this book. It helps to illuminate the wisdom residing in the human heart.

Now, some people may ask whether The One Life We’re Given is a storybook. The answer is ‘story’ doesn’t always mean the collection of fanciful facts that merely entertain readers. The word implies a sense that contains a profound meaning with a matchless and unique outlook on life. And Mark Nepo’s timeless creation is one such unmatchable piece.

The list of such classic creations is extensive. There is an umpteen number of storybooks (fiction and non-fiction) accessible. It needs only the willingness to study them. Some of them may appear advisable; some may incite humor. But what these works share in common is their mastery in bringing a smile to the reader’s face. In truth, these books affirm that reading makes a man happy. Yes, they convey the message that – read storybooks and feel complete contentment.  

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