adieu unnecessary excess cravings

One Prime Secret Of Happiness Urges To Adieu Unnecessary Excess Cravings For Specific Results

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adieu unnecessary excess cravings
Image by Khusen Rustamov from Pixabay / adieu unnecessary excess cravings

We all run for some targeted outcomes in life with the aim of one hundred percent accomplishment. And even one percent less attainment unlocks a desperateness in us. The truth is this desperate yearning sometimes ruins the optimistic insight. In addition, it makes us unhappy. To prevent this ruination, we need to make adieu unnecessary excess cravings for specific results.

The human world lives with two instincts. One instinct instructs us to take all good things in life for granted. And the other provokes us to complain when facing challenges. In short, we allow negativity to lurk behind non-fulfillment. But the question is, does every non-fulfillment should get treated with grumble? Or does each nonconformity need to be treated with too much longing?

Life indeed faces many odds. They sometimes make us impatient. But, we can’t ignore the reality that not everything is achievable. We must not forget that life, too, bestows many remarkable things. And side-lining the odds by taking the beautiful things for granted can’t unlock any good outcome. Instead, this specification destroys the sense of optimism.

Furthermore, with this, the urge to nurture a desperateness for the coveted outcomes without trying better alternatives seeds a pessimistic view. As a result, we learn to complain much, even against small challenges.

Yes, for us, it is easy to complain. We don’t have much time to consider the positivity existing in the obtained achievements. Instead, we feel the hurry to focus on the negativity only. Also, we don’t have the patience to think about why we take for granted the good things only when life provides both achievements and non-fulfilments.

In addition, one big question is, when the world is full of amazing things, why none of us is happy. 

One big truth is excess can’t give birth to proper outcomes in any field. Similarly, craving excessively for particular aftermath by ignoring what already has and what more could be obtained ultimately uncovers misery.

It is no more a hidden truth that happiness doesn’t need any catalyst to emerge. Moreover, honest delightful people never react to their nonachievement. They instead take control of their sentiments and emotions. They understand that none can be blamed for their unsuccess in attaining the coveted results. Even they realize that blaming others can’t make their life better.

Every one of us is aware of the fact that bad things or non-fulfillment happen in everyone’s life. However, life doesn’t define what happens to us only. It is much more about how we respond to it.

It is impossible to deny that not every plan in life goes exactly the way we plan. There always remain some unfulfillments. Sometimes we think and arrange incorrectly. Even sometimes, we mess up with the process of implementation. And this result in an incomplete or unwanted outcome.

Now, being excessively obsessed over a particular result brings only misery. No doubt, unsuccessful or incomplete consequence is for sure frustrating. And it makes things go tough. Some even believe that achieving the coveted aftermath could only erase that pain and frustration. But sticking with an obsession to bring the desired outcome even after knowing that it is nothing but a wastage of time ultimately brings nothing but despair. And so, it is better to adieu unnecessary excess cravings for specific results.

We need to ensure that not everything is achievable. There are lots of things better than the unachieved ones. And we need to learn about them. The best part is replacing an ineffective, futile attempt with better options always unfolds better consequences. 

The biggest challenge most people face is that they choose to possess a rigid mindset. They remain too obsessed with their decisions. In addition, they emerge as desperate. They have their ways, and they believe them the best. In reality, this mental rigidity hinders them from making their best in their chosen fields.             

The only option to heal this pain is to make adieu unnecessary excess cravings for specific results. Yes, there is a need to quit worrying about specified outcomes. Instead, searching for more effective ways could appear fruitful. Also, it diminishes the impatience for not having the planned aftermath. In a word, it brings soothing happiness.

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