one God to transform life to happiness and success

One God to Transform Life to Happiness and Success

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one God to transform life to happiness and success
one God to transform life to happiness and success

Name one God to transform life to happiness and success. Well, it must be the most challenging question to answer.

Every human on earth is struggling hard in search of happiness and success. However, finding these two precious things is the most challenging task in human life. And, naming one God that can transform your life to happiness and success is almost impossible. Today, we will discuss if it is possible to find out and name one God that can make human life happy and help achieve success.

Let’s begin with mythological beliefs.

People living in every part of the world have their own God of happiness. And the list of these Gods is very long. Moreover, it is hard to specify them as the deity of happiness and success only. However, some of them are regarded most widely studied and discussed.

The Greek God Apollo is probably one of the most studied and discussed names. People believe that he represents harmony, order, and many other essential things.

Roman God Bacchus is famous as the God of Wine and Intoxication. Although, there is a strong belief that he is powerful to promote civilization on earth, and he is the lover of peace.

Slavic God Belun is famous as the God of Heaven who always brings good luck. Believers of this God say that he is the God of happiness and peace.

Likewise, there is a God of peace, joy, and happiness in every religion on earth. No doubt, people worship those deities to make their lives happy and to bring success. The biggest challenge is whether human civilization can name one God to transform life to happiness and success.

There is no denying that human life is full of ups and downs. And, the most significant truth is none of them are permanent. We face various challenges in our lives. But, we always fight back and address those challenges to overcome them. Moreover, every time we fight back and learn how to survive even in difficult times. As humans, we feel the urge to stay with an instinct to achieve success, well-being, joy, and contentment.

To attain happiness and success, every one of us prefers to follow our ways. Some find them in peace; some others find it in love. Some say we can achieve them with the comfort of worldly things. Many of us feel success through achieving awards, and keeping a smile on our faces due to this achievement is a symbol of happiness or contentment to them. It seems every individual has their interpretation of victory, joy, and well-being. So one can say, rather symbolically, that the cause of being happy and the reason behind success can be identified as one God to transform life to happiness and success at that moment.

We can have a detailed look at such causes and try to understand whether in real life those causes can appear as one God to transform life to happiness and success.

Spending time with family, friends, or dear ones can bring true mental satisfaction. Passing quality time through the warm conversation or walking with the dear ones in a park always provides heavenly peace in mind. For the spenders of such quality time, the said mental peace and satisfaction is the ultimate achievement in life. To them, that moment appears as God of joy and accomplishment.

The presence of materialistic or earthly amenities is equal to the attainment of all things to some people. It is undoubtedly true that the human mind is very prone to acquire worldly things to satiate their craving. As children, we crave favorite toys and chocolates. As food lovers, we want to please our taste buds with tasty foods. As a book warm, we want to grasp the content of our favorite authors’ writings.

As human beings, we always prefer to live an active life full of enthusiasm, love, and satisfaction. When we get the opportunity to fulfill our cravings successfully, we say that we have succeeded in achieving the highest joy and contentment. For us, obtaining the ultimate coveted thing is no more than blessed by God. The attainment is so high that we have a feeling of appeasement of getting one God to transform life to happiness and success. 

Spirituality boosts self-esteem and contributes to happiness and success. Many of us take spirituality as an enhancer of the feeling of joy or happiness. Every religion in the world teaches and promotes humanity. It empowers the mentality of forgiveness, charity. At some point in their lives, many people identify spirituality as the embodiment of the almighty God that helps to sense inner peace, contributing to joy, contentment, and victory.

With an honest word, we can say that God’s presence can be felt differently among different people. Even there is no specific limitation or regulation to feel the presence of God. It is the peace of mind that contributes the heavenly contentment, joy, satisfaction, and serenity. It makes us familiar with the empowerment of achieving everything and creates a fundamental notion about the Supreme Being’s presence.

We should understand that happiness and success are two different words, but an inner connection is present. One can become successful only when one is happy and honest to achieve success. There could be various ways behind this achievement. Some believe in spirituality; some believe in specific deity according to their religion; others measure the attainment of worldly things. It depends upon them to decide whom they identify as the ultimate reason or God behind this attainment.     

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