Live forever in memory

One Day The Sun Will Rise Without You But You Will Live Forever In Memory

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Live forever in memory
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How many of us can see our future? None. However, we know that everyone on this earth has to say goodbye to this mortal world one day. Yes, this universal truth always remains hidden in the human concept. It is undeniable that each living being will cease one day. However, they will live forever in memory through their contribution.

Every morning unfolds the beginning of a new day on this earth. It must try to adore a sunny blue sky filled with lovely sailing clouds as if no dark line of pessimism exists. Then evening arrives with lots of commitments, promises, and enthusiasm. And, this changing of times has come every day, again and again, century after century. Even it will remain the same long after the passing away of an old individual and born of a new one.

The question is, what will the person leave behind after his passing? Yes, what will you leave behind after saying goodbye to this mama earth?

It is indeed inevitable that your world will halt one day forever. But the cosmos beyond will keep moving. Yes, you have a moment from when the sun will start rising without you. And, this same process goes for every living being. It is nothing new. One and all are aware that there must be a moment for everybody when the world will stop. And there will be no choice but to leave behind the life once given.

Now, the million-dollar question is, after your expiration, will your life leave something worthy that can stand as the testimony to the life for which you remained proud? In a word, will your journey on this universe leave a positive impact that can remain alive always in peoples’ memory?

These queries have extreme significance in human life. Why? The main reason is that thinking about mortality is not easy as it is easy as pie to feel permanent. It is common human nature to proceed with a tendency to live forever.

But, there is an undeniable truth that you can’t ignore. If you want to have a worthy life, you should also be aware that a time, for sure, will come in the future when the world continues its journey without you. Moreover, everything that you have, so far, acquired will remain in the same place. Only time will move on. And, you have to accept that progress with a solid and promising urge to stay alive all the time in others’ memory through a significant contribution to the world beyond. It means to live forever in memory.

Also, life is priceless. So it is better not to waste it in dilly-dallying. Instead, it would be better to accept its significance and start spending a meaningful busy living. Staying as precious in others’ thoughts and living with the determination to uplift the needy should be the ultimate achievement in life. In short, as a human being, you can leave behind a relevant life that must unlock the committed promises and make them worthwhile. That means your offerings for the future will sow the seed of growth and progress and thereby uncovers the opportunity to make this universe a better place for the inhabitants.

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