Making people happy

Making People Happy By Influencing Them Properly

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Making people happy
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Is it possible that you can influence people and bring happiness into their life? Well, answering this question is not so easy. You can certainly influence people on a specific issue. But making people happy by influencing them is an entirely different matter. Because an undeniable confusion always persists in the human mind -whether contentment can come out through influence.

A brief discussion with a few instances can make it clear.

In a busy life, most people bear the burden of heavy-duty from several aspects, whether indoor or outdoor. Also, day-to-day work pressure to earn a smooth livelihood is becoming challenging. The situation, for sure, makes the affected persons irritated, which first affects the relationship badly even with the dear ones.

Now irritation and bitterness in the relationship together destroy the happiness in life. The thing is, extra work pressure creates tension in the human mind that gives birth to irritation. However, the entire situation can be recovered. Simultaneously the sense of joy can be restored once the affected person is mentally free from unwanted additional pressure. A proper way of convincing can relieve the stress. The strained folk should get influenced with a sound understanding that life is not only challenging; it is also adventurous. So there is no need to feel any unnecessary compulsion. And it is better to enjoy living aiming to achieve something new and extra. 

Apart from work pressure, there is another common reason that destroys happiness in human life. It is a pain of becoming unsuccessful in a particular job. Everyone on this earth has an aim. And, for sure, there must be a desire to achieve that goal. But, when a man fails to attain that objective, frustration emerges as a killer instinct to demolish delight and joy in the mind.

But, the said crisis can be over if proper guidance helps him understand the reality hiding behind success. The right advice can make him realize that success results from a committed and firm thought, which gets shaped after several unsuccessful efforts. When the distressed person gets influenced by the idea that failure is the pillar of success, he regains the enthusiasm to deliver more sound efforts to reach the objective. In a word, the right way of convincing can help recover the dying optimism in the affected folk.

Another important way to influence people and bring back their happiness is remembering them with their names, especially when they are in difficult times. It is indeed true that recalling the identity of a lot of individuals through their names is a challenging task. But, at the same time, it is also undeniable that calling a man with the name and respect makes him feel special. The person must be delighted to know that his importance is valued. In addition, the affected individual should get praised for tackling crucial situations. 

Yes, knowing people’s names, showing them the desired respect, and praising them always make them happy even in stressful situations. Together, these three things make them feel that their interests are valued as they are important ones. The key point is that giving an individual a sense of satisfaction and pleasure is a powerful means of making them joyful.

There could be umpteen instances to show ‘influencing other people’ can be an effective tool to make them happy. However, one essential thing is happiness is a feeling of satisfaction and joy that can last for a long time with constant effort. It means no one can make it permanent if once achieved. A continual attempt is necessary to feel the delight and contentment. That means making people happy by convincing them positively also needs ongoing initiative. In short, it requires constant genuine efforts with a positive attitude.

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