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Live With Reality Not With Perception Moulded By Mere Beliefs

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live with reality
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Possessing perceptions is a usual practice. Even moulding those perceptions with beliefs is a common trend visible to all humans. And, there is no harm in it. But remaining captivated with mere beliefs blindly all the time can impede you from identifying real situations. So to have a better understanding of every situation, you need to live with reality.   

Almost every human being tends to possess some perceptions. Even they feel mental satisfaction in believing them. However, perceptiveness devoid of actuality reduces its merit and potency. Sometimes it creates an illusion in beliefs and diminishes the acceptance of reality.

It is an undebatable truth that human life is full of events. A person lives every day to explore the unknown. And the experiences achieved from this voyage of learning help develop important insight. Also, there is a usual leaning to construct a specific mindset from this realization. The viewpoint makes people believe about possessing a much better understanding of various facts, although, in reality, they don’t.

Yes, nearly all humans are inclined to think and believe that they know more than their actual limited understanding. Several instances show this truth. There always remains a thin line of difference between perceiving a thing and getting familiar with it in reality. Acquiring knowledge is a process of learning, but this exercise of obtaining information remains unfulfilled until it gets filtered with the strainer of realism. In short, viewing and interpreting a matter or situation is one thing. And applying it in the real world is another thing.

One immediate outcome of prioritizing perception, built through beliefs only, is to create a mentality to find others’ faults. Yes, when things don’t go as expected, you have an apparent reaction to blaming others. And it happens due to excessive dependence on the insight shaped by blind credence.

Ignoring the actual facts always makes human psychology believe that anything that doesn’t fit the acquired concept must be wrong. If you find things not up to your expectation, you feel the urge to question another person’s perfection instead of facing the actual issues behind the mismatch. You can feel the urgency to ask yourself to find the reason for the contradiction only if you live with reality. Knowing the actual subject matter helps a man to cope better with life. Mere possessing illusion can only make life more and more frustrating day by day.

Another strong impact of being the staunch apostle of the half-baked perception is to get attached to ignorance. And this incomprehension gives birth to stubborn idiocy that finally makes the affected person prone to wrong decisions. An obstinate mentality to bear inaccurate information is the aftermath of ignorance resulting from inadequate insight. Proper decision-making is possible only when you live with reality and make your perception a product emerging from that truth or actuality.   

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