Literature Means The Study Of Human Life

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The close association between literature and human life is unquestionable. A close and robust connection among them started taking a solid shape from day one of the literary eras.

Yes, the journey began acquiring a solid shape when human beings first tried to draw their sayings in writing. In fact, literature first achieved footprints when humans chose to embody the voice with the infusion of pen and paper. And it was also the time when literature became entitled as the study of human life. The content of word representations from the beginning era proved this fact.

These contents appeared different at times. But an honest review of all representations, be it past or present, reveals that the subject matter of literature always remains the same, i.e., the presentation or exhibition of life.

Life produces raw materials, and literature fuses a form of pleasure and ornamentation with a touch of artistry into it. And the representation of raw elements through the said infusion specifies literature as a medium to establish communication between the writer’s saying and his experiences regarding life. In short, it unfolds an inseparable, intimate, and meaningful connection between human life and literature.

Almost every human being is aware that life doesn’t define simple phases only. It owns a profound comprehensiveness. And this is the reason why literature exhibits even the tiny problems of human life.

There was a time when people believed that broad and profound things in life were those that concordat with the so-called eternal or immortal varieties of life. Some specific moral virtues and the concept of God were the most common eternity-related subject matters.

However, constantly changing social life and experiences gathered from it gradually forced human thoughts to adhere to more logical thinking. So far, unchangeable concepts get hit by human intelligence. In truth, the rules of morality faced constant sea changes from time to time and country to country. Moreover, the modern logical conception is the result of the said alteration. And literature is the most easily accessible medium to become familiar with them.

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