Literature Maintains Its Compelling Aura

Literature Maintains Its Compelling Aura Even In Modern Times

Literature Maintains Its Compelling Aura
Image by khamkhor from Pixabay / Literature Maintains Its Compelling Aura

Modern-day men have enough time to spend using social media platforms. They have umpteen ways to address their thrust for entertainment using tech gadgets. However, they feel less urge to read books or literary practices. But the truth is literature maintains its compelling aura even in modern times.

Literature forever lives in the human mind as fresh and new by unlocking unending curiosities. It remains an eternal medium of expression through written words on pages or through spoken words in the form of language.

One of the prime and most appealing literary curiosities or queries is how one should define literature or how one can define literature. Some people opine that the artistic expression of human thoughts is called literature. From an overall point of view, it may be the most accurate analysis.

Now, the second most frequently asked question is whether it is any more necessary to discuss ‘what is literature’ in the current century. Needless to say, most modern people believe science should be the prime topic of discussion. They think that it is the sole contributor to the progression of society.

But this viewpoint faces a hard reality when these people meet the question – of where you come to know about the valuable contribution of science. The definite answer is from precious books by pioneering authors and eminent scientists. And if this is true, then another irrefutable question arises from it. And the question is whether books symbolize literature.

Well, the truth is finding an answer to this argument means encouraging the waste of time. Because no eminent scientists of the world ever demanded that science is the sole contributor to societal development. Their long-drawn perception made them believe that – everything on earth, including science attains existence only when they become expressed in language. And when language finds expression through words, then only science becomes permanent in the human mind. In a word, literature maintains its compelling aura through every indispensable part of human society.

Literature is the manifestation of human thought and feeling. The precious part of literature is that it is not a mere collection of rules and regulations made to provide only entertainment. Moreover, it also means something other than a collection of books.

In reality, literature unshackles human emotion deeply rooted in moral consciousness. It validates human life’s basic foundation that originates from conscience and broad-mindedness. Also, its boundary can’t be limited to mere word bond’s periphery. It remains the prime ornament of the human mind, even in modern times.

Eminent literary personalities of different languages for ages uncovered the coexistence of soul and heart through their soulful presentation of literary works. And this representation of coexistence has turned literature into the mirror of human life.

It is undeniably true that defining human life is a difficult task because of its expansiveness. And the crucial thing is literature is capable of studying that wide-ranging expansion. Furthermore, this ability is competent enough to connect reality and thinking. Without hesitation, one can easily conclude that this reading-up potential provides a robust literary foundation in the societal structure. Also, because of this, literature maintains its compelling aura uninterruptedly.

When an author devises literary flavor in his book, he tries to make his thought more acceptable under the ambiance of reality. And in modern times, this communication between reality and thinking is essential, and literature is the only medium that provides this connection. In short, literature emboldens human thinking to make it stand with a firm hold on the logical ground of reality.   

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