Let Humour Help To Deal With Criticism

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Nobody likes criticism. Also, it is a common tendency to criticize other people but not to get criticized. But when it comes to us, even after all efforts, we respond to it very poorly. However, reacting unpleasantly to criticism may sometimes make the situation worse than we expect. For avoiding this unwanted circumstance, it is better to counter it more positively, if possible, more lightly. And, humour is the most effective way to deal with it and let it die down so that no chances of any untoward situation can evolve.

It is not easy to understand the mood and outlook of a specific individual. Even it is hard to identify how that person will react to a particular situation or thing. And, this invisible area sometimes gives birth to some unwelcome states that include criticism. It is indeed true that most criticisms appear before us unexpectedly. Moreover, it becomes challenging to handle this sudden attack.

Now it is also true that not all criticisms define reproval. Some come to us as a catalyst to enhance our confidence to overcome hurdles. A few even help to achieve perfection in performing any specific work. That means not all critics are merely fault-finding. Some of them react for having better and improved consequences. Nonetheless, there is an opposite side also. 

Yes, some critics usually react to harm other people or insult them in an abusive way. And any hasty response to it may make the situation much unpleasant and worse than we can think. Therefore it is better to deal with the criticisms as well as the critics in a more effective way so that the nasty or fault-finding abusive comments or words lose their significance and become meaningless. And, in the present time, humour is the preferable way to deal with them.

The first thing that humour can do to deal with criticism is it can ease uneasiness, fear, and concern.

Any sudden and unwanted abuse, condemnation or reproval, or denunciation can create discomfort and anxiety. And, the sufferer can find it hard to cope with this condition. The fear of becoming victim to certain circumstances makes the person concerned. As a result, he responds poorly, which makes the situation more adverse and unpleasant. Only humour is the best medicine to address this problem.

Yes, humour diminishes the panic and helps the sufferer to become anxiety or distress-free. It makes the affected person positive-minded and increases his ability to counter criticism in a far better way.

Humour makes a person resilient.

We need to understand that if praises are a part of life, then criticism is also inevitable. And, everyone on this earth has to face criticism, be it once, twice, or many times. The first rule to deal with it is to patiently listen to the critics’ words and discover how far it is possible to agree with their expressions and phrases. Now, patience is an aftermath of a robust and resilient mind.

Humour is one of those meaningful tools that always make us resilient. It helps to shape our minds more positively and make them more adaptable. A pragmatic temperament saves us from being unnecessarily arguable. It also refrains us from bringing up our criticisms to counter the critics needlessly. If we are confident that we have legitimate points to deal with the reprovals and abuses, then it is better to save them for the right time to apply. It is, no doubt, the best strategy to address the said unpleasant and undesirable circumstances and persons. 

Humour nourishes relationships and thereby strengthens emotional connections.

We can find an unending list of critical persons in our society. But, all of them are not prone to criticize people unnecessarily. Sometimes misunderstanding and misinformation force them to condemn or denounce other persons. At this point, proper redressal is necessary to get rid of any untoward state. We should understand that those people are somehow misguided. In addition, it is essential to tackle the situation aptly so that a healthy relationship and righteous emotional attachment can get established with the said individuals. It can undeniably prevent any further deterioration and simultaneously improve the circumstances.

Humour can be an effective means to nourish the relationship. It can also help to strengthen emotional connections. With an improved emotional attachment, we can tell the critical persons our views on a specific point. Even if we possess a different point of view, we can express that with a jovial mood. Or, we can save it for our future conversation. In short, when we can have better circumstances of interaction, then we can express it.

There is no denying that possessing a good sense of humour is a powerful asset that feeds our mind and body with better thoughts and outlooks. It increases our hope and confidence. Furthermore, it protects us from any damaging impacts emerging from anxiety, concern, or fear.

One unquestionable truth is that our success and achievements in life chiefly depend on how we handle challenging situations. Nurturing a sense of humour while facing criticisms helps us to understand the issue more vividly. With a pragmatic and optimistic view, we can easily handle challenging conditions. And, believe it, we can even address and recover the most problematic state of affairs with a genuine smile on our faces.

We can’t deny that humour enhances our energy level. It can even empower us to feel better in a not so preferable moment. However, being able to focus on a tough state, we get accredited with a solid temperament to handle every state of affairs, be it criticism or something else.         

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