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Keep Patience To Listen To Others And Avoid Misunderstanding

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Listen to others
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We have sufficient time to advise other people. But we have less time to pay attention to what they say. And it causes losing essential information. The outcome is misunderstanding and misery. That means we should listen to others patiently to avoid misreading or misinterpretation. 

Almost all of us are prone to talk more. Every day we rise in the morning and get engaged in our works. And we are ready to show our perfection in doing those works. Sometimes people around us say something to shape the implementation more accurately. But how many of us feel the urge to hear those words attentively. The number is almost none.

This lack of interest in listening to others is visible in nearly every sphere of life, whether at home or office. It is indeed a blunder that impacts heavily in the long run. It may appear a minor thing for many, but its repercussion is extensive. Moreover, it creates a communication gap between two persons. And the gap gradually emerges so big that it unfolds the scope of confusion, miscalculation, and misunderstanding.

You need to realize that listening is a necessity in life, like talking. Experts can define it as an art. They can pinpoint self-discipline as a priority feature to gain perfection in it. Yet, one undeniable truth is self-discipline mere can’t produce an effective result. What we need is goodwill first to be a patient listener.

It is beyond doubt that hearing or listening helps to gather essential knowledge. Moreover, it solidifies communication and makes a good platform for future approaches. The act of a businessman is the best example of it.

Yes, a businessman always remains a good listener. He prefers to speak less and keep himself away from unnecessary talking. For sure, his priority is to stay silent to pay heed to the customers’ sayings. It enables him to understand their requirements. And by addressing those demands and wish he can increase his sales. The bottom line is he knows the value of patient listening. He realizes why it is much more valuable to remain a good listener than to be a mere talker.

Now, some practical steps can turn a human into a good listener and enhance the chance of achieving better outcomes in life. In addition, it helps to keep any misreading at arm’s length.

a) Be patient and friendly and let the speaker place his words first. Considering a speaker as not good enough or boring even before uttering a single word by that person unlocks the impatient and rude attitude of the listener. And no one accepts this frame of mind.

Instead of unnecessarily sensing a man as tedious, it is necessary to hear what message that person wants to deliver. The speaker’s words can add something meaningful to the listener’s knowledge. Or it may provide a perfect solution to a long-pending problem.

b) Listen to others for new ideas, inspiration, and upliftment of thinking. Paying attention to others’ views can help form new ideas. And every new concept appears more potent compared to the previous one. Even the difference between the current and past views shows the upliftment of thinking.

This elevation compels the hearer to choose the best idea from many. It leads to diminishing the fragmentation of thoughts. In addition, he can start relating each one with the other to find out the baseline behind all those points or suggestions or recommendations. Getting a better result always inspires a person to be more attentive to others’ sayings. 

c) Don’t resist a man saying his words because you can also get the same bitter reply from him. Obstructing a man from telling his words is no good at all. Because when the speaker gets the chance to act as a listener, he can also serve in the same way.

Therefore, it is good to let the person make his points, especially when the dais of conversation is big enough. Also, hearing the speaker’s views gives the listener time to construct a better opinion and place them on the conversation table when the chance arrives. Furthermore, it enhances his attentiveness as a hearer and teaches him to remain alert all the time.

One undeniable truth is we think faster than we speak. And this is a big reason why most of us usually get restless with a speaker’s slow paving. However, the reality is we are also standing in the same queue. That means we, too, relate with the same speed while delivering our words.

So patience is necessary to listen to others. If we possess the tolerance and calmness to pay note to other peoples’ sayings, then, in return, they must show the same respect to us. And this kind of praiseworthy talking or conversation is always admirable. On top of that, it decreases the scope of misinterpretation and misapprehension.

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