Living Alone Happily At Home During Lockdown

Is Living Alone Happily At Home Possible During Lockdown?

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Living Alone Happily At Home During Lockdown
Living Alone Happily At Home During Lockdown

For many people, loneliness is the biggest enemy, especially during the lockdown. It is hard for them to remain happy, embracing the solitary situation at home. For them, living alone happily at home is almost impossible.

It is beyond doubt that even a robust positive-minded person can’t feel thrilled in a state of seclusion. And, disappointment must cloud his thinking gradually. Feelings like excitement, liking, stress can’t appeal anymore, and he is bound to face some nervousness. Yes, all these are true for a person staying alone at home. But the question is whether a solitary human being can find some ways to remain happy at home.

Most people must think that living alone happily at home even during lockdown is out of the question, and people talking about it must be joking. However, the truth is living alone without feeling loneliness can be challenging but not impossible. Some meaningful steps can help a solitary individual embrace the new lockdown situation safely and teach him to cherish the solo living with joy.

Here are those significant steps:

1) Positivity in attitude

The first and foremost step that a person should take to overcome any odds in life is positivity. Maintaining a solid positive attitude should be the first criteria to overcome every problem, including loneliness in life. One needs to understand that lockdown is a temporary situation, and hopefully, humankind will get over soon from it. That means staying alone at home is only a temporary condition, and one can meet people physically when the state recovers.

Now, the vital thing is solitary living must not take the shape of mental bondage. Embracing a lonely life, even for a short period, should be taken with a positive attitude. It must be taken as a free state when an individual, being worry-free, can talk to himself as no one now eavesdrops on him. He doesn’t have to feel the hurry to dress up appropriately or to swallow the food hastily. Ample times must be there to focus on passions. Also, enough free time must be a boon to amplify his imaginative power and creativity. And, he should welcome his solitary life as a new version of solo living.

2) Implementing new self-care habits

Modern people are more likely to maintain habitual or customary practices. They tend to follow the same workouts regularly. For example, going to bed on time, taking the proper amount of meals at the right time during the day and night, cleaning up clothes on weekends, etc.

But when nobody is there to query daily workouts, then these habitual practices start slipping. A man living alone at home no more cares to follow a systematic pattern. However, breaking the established way may not impact much, but avoiding a good workout pattern can’t do any good.

Implementing a new set of fresh self-care habits must be very beneficial for physical and emotional well-being at this stage. An active, fresh mind is very much prone to adopt meaningful ways to address seclusion. Some strategies like daily physical exercise, meditation, and book reading must provide good impacts to cheer up the secluded mind. In addition, they can together unlock the ways of living alone happily. 

3) Unquenchable opportunity to know ownself

Apart from creating the opportunity to build a new pattern of habits, seclusion fosters the chance to know yourself.

A majority of people spend their maximum time establishing and maintaining good relationships with others. They prefer to engage in searching for best friends, partners, or companions. In short, they don’t find enough time to invest and explore their relationship with their own.

But, lockdown brings the opportunity for an individual to know himself better. It compels many people to live alone at home and simultaneously forces them to take charge of their own lives. It is a kind of self-discovery that unveils a new voyage to know life more precisely.

So far, life has taught people to live for others. But, staying unattended brings adequate time to explore own identity. It gives time to attain some insight to identify the need for meaningful survival and explore ways to prepare for future goals. In a word, efforts to know oneself aids in developing a better sense of self-care.

4) Identifying the root and time behind feeling loneliness

Knowing oneself can foster means to address solitude, although enjoying lone living can’t bury the mental frustration for a long time as it comes up from time to time. To prevent this frustration, detection of the root is necessary as it gives birth to loneliness. Also, it is essential to identify during what time of the day or night it arises. These two detections must help manage the mental pain that comes out of solitude, and this successful address stops translating solitude to isolation and painful seclusion.

Moreover, the modern era unlocks the scope for several modern gadgets like smartphones, computers, and many others. A person feeling extreme solitary for a more extended period can call other people using these devices applying different modes to sort out the reasons behind his lonely feeling. Listening to music is a significant way too to diminish the bitter sense of solitude. So living alone happily at home can be possible by identifying the root cause responsible for feeling loneliness.

The above discussion has made it clear that a lone person can live on his own happily by applying some easy ways. But, still, one thing is also true: not all get it easy or trouble-free to tame the solitary staying. There could be an urge to become a part of human interaction. Lockdown is, for sure, a crisis period that has brought difficulty to connect with other people. And, the said situation can give birth to mental isolation by increasing distress.

However, one should not forget that staying alone doesn’t mean a person is truly alone. The trusted dear ones are always ready with helping hands. They wait for a text message or call as they no more get the opportunity to attend frequently due to lockdown. Help is there all the time, and it only needs a call to serve.

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