happiness is a choice

Is It True That Happiness Is A Choice?

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happiness is a choice
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Who doesn’t want to be happy? The answer is everyone seeks happiness. But the question is whether happiness is a choice and humans can choose it wilfully every single day.

Yes, happiness is a feeling of satisfaction that people can attain by choosing it as they wish with their consciousness. There is no way to hold hostage happiness. Even it is impossible for an individual to possess the said feeling of satisfaction.

One significant truth is that happy people always realize that being a part of the rat race to chase happiness means living in a fool’s paradise. Running after for joy and happiness without having a conscious decision can’t help to achieve the coveted goal. That means we need to stop chasing meaninglessly and should start making a conscious decision to experience happiness.

It is undeniably true that living with that factor that holds on to the most significant value in human life ultimately contributes to positive thinking about happiness. No one can detract from the fact that a well-lived person enjoys a fulfilling life. And, fulfilling life is a basic need to become happy. The actual task is to choose the exact way to have this life. And, for sure, choosing the right way defines happiness is a choice.

However, sticking to a specific term to define the feeling of satisfaction can’t help much. Exploring a meaningful life is the ultimate need for that contentment. Engaging in a meaningful life is the signature strength of day-to-day happiness. Indeed, humans always seek abundant gratification, but understanding the reality of limitation through a proper way is the right way of enjoying happiness. And, choosing the right way contributes to why happiness is a choice.

Now, there are several ways to choose happiness. However, it varies from person to person which way is the best.

Affirmative thinking is one such way that helps a person to become happy. It means positive thoughts and beliefs. Daily approaching with affirmative thinking builds confidence by releasing stress. It improves the human outlook.

One bitter truth is most people prefer to ignore or replace affirmative thinking due to excessive mental stress and burden in life. There is no denying that it is common human psychology. Most people believe that they use a large part of their lives to overcome various hurdles. They toil hard to focus on disorder and thus try to maintain a balance in their lives. Hardships and obstacles sometimes limit their understanding, and they search for the best thing that holds on to the most significant value in life. Honestly, most of them find an affirmative way that can hold on to the greatest value, and they thought they get it by chance or luck.

But, the reality is they knowingly or unknowingly choose that way. If they look around minutely, they can discover that a thousand ways are present in front of them. It is their usual ongoing psychology that hinders them from taking the affirmative way. Fostering positive self-esteem with a positive attitude reveals various ways to experience happiness, and affirmative thinking is one of them. In a word, affirmation based on truth and needs can be an excellent choice to experience happiness.

Using natural strengths like natural talents and abilities is another significant way to explore why happiness is a choice. Every human being has some natural talents, and using them effectively is the individual’s ultimate goal. Although, most humans have a common trend to use them for future life. Very few think about using them to have a better present. This kind of psychology or mentality shows how most people complicate the simple nature of happiness. It even unfolds the urgent need for a change in their orientation to time.

People need to understand that they should embrace their strengths to operate them within their giftedness every day. They can use their natural talents to find joy and happiness daily. And present everyday activities, based on natural strengths, can secure a happy future too. That means selecting natural strengths leads to the fact that happiness is a choice.

A feeling of contentment or fulfillment can be visible in personal growth. One thing is evident that devoting enough time and energy to personal improvement always brings a satisfying feeling. Self-discipline is an effective tool to have that feeling. There could be several kinds of meaningful personal activities in day-to-day life to continue the said personal growth. In a word, one can achieve a sense of fulfillment through personal growth. Moreover, personal growth can bring fruitful results by choosing personal activities as per daily life requirements. That means contentment or happiness is a choice when one can choose it accordingly.

One can’t set an alarm clock to set the goal of achieving happiness within a specific period. It is a process that follows the constant selection of proper ways. Moreover, the selection must pursue a natural flow of intuition and instinct.

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