humor as a new eye of the soul

Humor As A New Eye Of The Soul Helps Looking At Things In A Fresh Way

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humor as a new eye of the soul
Humor as a new eye of the soul

Humor eases the human mind from stress. It lubricates human intellect as fresh salt of life. And because of this, the dramatists even don’t hesitate to accredit its importance. It is undeniable that humor as a new eye of the soul helps to look at things freshly.

Humor demonstrates itself as laughter mainly when it emerges as a physical phenomenon. And, playwrights have been using it in literature, for several years, as comedy. It has even made a successful inroad into the most heart-touching tragic art. In short, no field of drama can deny its importance.

For every individual on earth, humor is one of the best recipes in human life that dominates as the driving force of intellect. To drink life at its full, every human needs to possess a sense of humor as it unfolds plenty of logistics for survival. General Goering once said that a nation’s spiritual welfare could negatively impact if it lost its humor. He even remarked that the said thing is true for humans as well.

For an ordinary person, humor means laughter. And, if he is asked to choose between laughter and work, he must prefer the first one. Because first, he needs to be free from his inherent mental agony, and he can do that by laughing at himself. It can also help him diminish the chances of becoming a victim of a strenuous life. It is undeniable that humor or laughter only can help him to address his inherent mental weakness. Also, once the weakness is over, he can work as a free man with enough ardor.

The significance of humor to man is incomparable. It means a fresh new approach to looking at things. It even unfolds a new window of the soul. In addition, it has the power to turn ordinary things and persons into objects of fun. Furthermore, the sense of humor is, no doubt, an inseparable companion of a human being. In a word, it accompanies a man even to a place or situation where one should not laugh, and that is why playwrights never hesitate to accept humor as a new eye of the soul.

Dramatists differentiate humor from wit

Some people want to place humor in the same queue where wit has already been enlisted. But, there always remains a clear different notion regarding the two. Both dramatists and critics regard wit as a matter of expression, and they can perfectly distinguish humor from wit.

From a literary perspective, wit is identifiable through words, although humor doesn’t need specific words or terms to make it visible or understandable. Some critics define humor as a sense or means that deals with human activities and man under certain circumstances, which are inappropriate due to reducing human dignity. For example, people usually laugh at a mad man or a drunkard because they possess less dignity, and the fact is most humans are not accustomed to these kinds of men frequently. One more instance is that the falling of a person all at once excites laughter because that man comes to be in an inappropriate situation.

Some experts have a different opinion compared to the above ones. They believe that only human being on earth has dignity and because of it he alone can be funny.

Humourists can’t write satire, but satire can contain plenty of humor

After comparing humor with wit, there is another common trend to distinguish it from satire. A man can’t be a satirist if he laughs at himself. A satirist enjoys fun only at the cost of others. He tends to prove himself as superior to other persons whose faults he tries to make the content of his satire. And because of this, humourists can’t write satire, although a satire can contain lots of humor. Even satire-made laughter is not entirely unadulterated because it can sometimes contain pure humor.

Various famous personalities have defined humor in different words. However, they have made one thing very clear: humor or laughter is a sense that helps to contemplate the incongruities in life. Dramatists tend to use this sense to describe one essential spice of human life that provides the urge to be free from an arduous situation. 

According to eminent satirical writer and British essayist Thomas Carlyle, genuine humor comes out more from the heart, not from the head, and it is in no way a contempt. “Its essence is love.” Carlyle’s opinion shows why humor as a new eye of the soul is essential for a playwright or a writer.

Several eminent dramatists have made their writings a tool to laugh at human follies. However, such laughter doesn’t mean cynical and heartless. The comic muse is purely good-natured, even sometimes magnanimous. Some writers prefer to encourage mockery, although their sense of humor is entirely devoid of any malice.

A good number of comedies, produced by well-known authors, show a unique blend of brilliant wit and genial humor. In most cases, these comedies emerge as an enjoyable journey that begins with word-play and ends in wisdom. It is truly a skillful mingle of wit and mirth.

Dramatists and writers choose words carefully, aiming to express and establish their ideas through writings. Most of them are very possessive and determined compared to ordinary people in looking at life more wildly and wisely. The more they explore the spices of human life, the more they unlock the varieties of life. Drawing humor through words is an essential trait that writers can attain by exploring the said various spices. Looking minutely at every aspect helps them to laugh easily and to recover from the domination of intensely narrow natures. The playwrights’ genial laughter at human absurdity is undoubtedly free from cynicism and brings a piquant flavor to humor. 

Great authors grasp realities with total genius to unveil humor with an unmatchable brilliance. Rich experiences of human life give them an extraordinary power to study the human mind. They acquire the perfect notion that abounds in mirth, which ultimately gives birth to humor to lubricate the mind. Their ability to see and deal with multifarious diversions of human nature finally recognizes humor as a new eye of the soul.

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