Happiness as a God

How to Set Happiness as A God?

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Happiness as a God
Happiness as a God

Living with happiness must be your sole aim in life. That means you want to live a happy life all the time. But how is it possible? Well, by craving it constantly, like the way you crave for God. Or you can set happiness as a God forever.

Being a human our utmost priority is to live happily by acquiring mundane wealth as much as possible. But there is a limit to earning earthly material. However, you can say that not all the people on earth prefer to live with mundane wealth only. For example, nothing makes parents happier more than seeing their children happy. For a baby, seeing the smile on a mother’s face is the happiest moment in life. There could be thousands of such examples that indicate happiness is not limited to earthy materials only. Although all the examples lead to one single truth, achieving contentment or happiness is the ultimate goal in life.

There could be a long debate regarding the actual reason behind happiness in human life. But there is no controversy in it that every individual craves joy and happiness. And, one can have that by setting happiness as a God. But, one million-dollar question is how you can do that.

Let happiness be the commanding force in life like God.

We strongly believe that things, which make our lives miserable can’t be a part of God’s will. On the other hand, things that bring happiness must be a part of God’s choice. That means happiness and God are inextricably linked. Therefore, we can take happiness in the form of God and let it be the commanding force in our lives.

Seek happiness like the way you seek God’s blessing.

Nothing is achievable if you don’t seek it with a true heart. In the same way, happiness only comes when you desire it, like seeking God’s bless with true faith. Some people may question whether seeking contentment or happiness like the way you seek God’s blessing is possible. The actual reality is most humans have a genuine belief that God has created human civilization to be happy, and it is only our negative thoughts and malpractices that lead to unfortunate, miserable, or tragic consequences. Therefore, seeking it wholeheartedly and setting happiness as a God can be the best way to find true contentment in life.

Make happiness a driving force to be completely worry-free as you worship God to live a safe and worry-free life. 

Being a human, we always worship God whenever we face any trouble or problem in life. The reason is the said Supreme Being appears as the Almighty and strength to us that can lead to a trouble-free life. And a trouble-free life means a worry-free happy life. In other words, we need to make happiness the driving force where we can surrender our worry and taste the glee of worry-free life.

Happiness must be the guiding rules like God’s law.

Life without rules is visionless. To make a positive impact in life, proper rules, direction, and purpose are an absolute necessity. We have a common tendency to judge everything before considering it. Even we remember God before implementing an activity or decision. In short, we follow this process as a guiding rule from the Almighty to achieve success in our activities. Now, happiness is the outcome of that achievement. It means achievement and happiness are inseparable, and it works as a guiding rule to complete the mission called success. So as the guiding rule, we can easily set happiness as a God to set the milestone of victory, which results in total contentment both physically and mentally.

Take happiness as a mirror.

Acquiring perfection needs review of all things way more extensive than they are. It is undeniable that the ultimate objective behind every perfect activity, idea, or decision is to attain success, which leads to contentment or happiness. Now, one can execute the said objective through a minute review of every activity, idea, and decision. It helps in marking both the hidden strengths and the loopholes in them. And this way, you can focus on yourself by detecting your flaws. It means your happiness set a mirror that helps you to see, detect and correct what is wrong in your works.

We generally detect and address our mistakes, remembering the strength of God because we believe in the Supreme Being’s power of perfection. We have a common notion that God can show us the mirror and helping us to mark and correct things rightly, as the craving for happiness also leads us to detect and correct flaws properly. There is no denying that perfection is the key ingredient of being happy. That means we can set happiness as a God to attain perfection.

From the inception of human civilization, a common notion and belief have been prevailing in the human mind that God created us only for happiness. And, we can have it through learning and accomplishing proper activities and decisions. Moreover, happiness means contentment, trust, strength, and satisfaction in feelings. Yes, feelings that we can feel while remembering the power of God. Feelings that help in generating hope and trust in us. In short, happiness works as the strength of God. Then there is nothing wrong with taking it as a gift from the Almighty. And this gift can be our inherent objective to achieve when we set happiness as a God.

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