George Bernard Shaw’s novelty

George Bernard Shaw’s Novelty Is Something Extraordinary

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George Bernard Shaw’s novelty
George Bernard Shaw’s novelty

Measuring the richness of George Bernard Shaw as an author or as a playwright is not a child’s play. As a writer, his originality is unique and unparalleled. The works of the Irish playwright show that he is original in many ways. In short, George Bernard Shaw’s novelty is rare and something extraordinary.

Shaw can’t be defined as a regular rationalist like many others. Even his words can’t establish him as a mere mundane critic of society. Also, as a dramatist, his nurturing with the need for the social reforms can’t let him remain only a middle-of-the-road writer.

Shaw’s writings show that the dramatist lives the life of reason. His characterizations and depiction of society reveal his socialistic idealism with an evident touch of an oscillating nature. His pioneering plays unfold his desperate vivacity in search of a realistic human community even after paving the wigwag path between democracy and dictatorship.

Something unique and rare in his concept and idea always attracts readers to move with genuine human emotions. His words manifest that living in a dreamland or conceiving the usual superhuman or miraculous stories is not his cup of tea. He feels more comfortable walking in the world or reality. Therefore, describing him only as a revolutionary or progressive in thought looks more achromic.

His rationalism is different from that of modern intellectuals. Moreover, his role as a critic and rebellion appears a bit contrary when compared to the modern-day leaders with progressive thought. Even his different way of accepting ideologies without paying enough attention to the Victorian webbing unlocks a series of queries.

In truth, some call him a usual social critic just because of this contrast and his preference for not following the Victorian webbing. However, this kind of canning is purely an act of judging the dramatist with unfairness. Before criticizing George Bernard Shaw’s novelty and his sense of reasoning, it is necessary to know that many early twentieth-century eminent authors have also brushed aside that Victorian trait.

In truth, the famous Irish dramatist ensures his originality with a completely fresh, new approach to problematic issues and ideas. He infuses a new way of observing things. In a word, Shaw gives a unique and effective turn to the modern notion of revolution.

He is probably the only author whose ideas and words make the unconventional look conventional. Also, it is about his rare and distinct way of delivering ideologies and concepts that shape the progressive with an appearance of conservative. In addition, his frequent swing back and forth even sometimes put him in the knot of his own insipid reforms.

His such approaches, on the one hand, deflate the medieval conservatives. And on the other hand, he confutes the modern, who usually feel satisfaction about their illogical or baseless rationale. And this uncompromising ingenuity empowers George Bernard Shaw’s novelty with an extraordinary potentiality. His observation about human life with not-so-common ideology is perhaps the most effective conventional way to evaluate his richness as a playwright and great author.       

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