The expansion of the English language

Future And Expansion Of The English Language

The expansion of the English language
The expansion of the English language

The expansion of the English language is unquestionably vast and irresistible. The most prominent reason is the constant assimilation and harmonising of different language words. Almost every individual in the world can sense this undaunted feature of the most acceptable living language on earth. The rare quality of respecting, including, and borrowing vital resources from foreign tongues makes the most flourishing dialect significant and simultaneously meaningful.  

The said matchless trait helps the language hold an unmatchable strong position in the current world. The characteristic even increases its future importance. Today English is not the language of the English people only. Different countries of several continents, like, Asia, Africa, North America, Oceania, and others, have adopted it as their official language. In reality, more than 260 million people speak in the said language. Various recent surveys have revealed that one-tenth of the world population is English-speaking.

However, the numerical solidity of a specific language-speaking people can’t be the sole feature to display its eminence. The language’s purposeful use by different persons, races, and tribes should get enlisted to convey its greatness, importance, and notability. And, in this case also, English appears as the leader.

A majority of the countries contributing immensely to the world’s cultural, political, and socio-economic activities constitutes the highest number of English-speaking inhabitants. Even a good number of them get it as the mother-tongue. There is no denying that the significance of the English language is enormous and priceless in spreading and developing human civilization.

The vitality of the English language is exceptionally energetic, dynamic, and powerful. And nobody can ever doubt its increasing popularity and overwhelming growth. There is no denying that the expansion of the English language is indeed astonishing. In addition, its flexibility and adaptability have unquestionably broadened and unlocked its massive possibilities.

Constant merging of different words of various languages is enhancing its day-to-day acceptance like rocket speed. Furthermore, the dynamic and lively nature has left other classic languages far behind. Many experts have already opined that the expansion of the English language will probably make it the language of a quarter of the world population in the coming future. According to them, there is a strong possibility that the said emergence may take place at no distant time. In a word, they have indicated the rise of an expectation that the anticipated extension will make English the world language one day. For sure, the hope or assumption is not undue anymore.

However, different views do exist in the queue. Some say English could be, in actual words, the language of the civilized part of the universe. Now, whether the expansion of the English language will occur as a whole or with the civilized portion only is a matter of speculation at present. The truth is when this will happen or whether it will take place is a part of conjecture. But one undeniable fact is the world today hugely requires a common inter-communicating term, at least, officially. That means the necessity and demand of an international language are beyond doubt. And, English, being the most acceptable and justifiable language, has the potency to occupy that place.

In every arena of civilization, be it literature, science, politics, commerce, trade, and philosophy, the eminence of this language is extraordinary. The influence can be distinctly visible in every corner of the planet. Further, rich and constantly updated vocabulary solidifies its dominance in every part of the world. In addition, flexible characteristics in respecting and embracing sources of different mother tongues confirm the affirmation. Simple, logical, easily understandable grammar and clear pronunciation make English hugely popular among different people, tribes, and races living on earth. Overall, a rare yet unique dynamism is the lifeblood behind the expansion of the English language.      

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