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Don’t Try Making Others Responsible For Your Happiness

Being Positive
your happiness
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Being or remaining happy is perhaps the most coveted thing in human life. However, life doesn’t always gratify your craving. Sometimes it could bemuse you. As a result, your desperation may force you to make others responsible for ruining your happiness.

Yes, most people usually prefer to blame others for unhappiness. No doubt, this is the easiest way to run away from the actual reasons behind being heartbroken.

However, escaping the actual causes or making others accountable for not accomplishing delight can’t lead to the possession of happiness. Neither could it provide any mental peace. Moreover, the questions “what exactly is happiness?” and “where one can find it” will remain unanswered.

You may search every corner of your imagination and frustration to find the correct answer.

However, your desperate attempt will remain fruitless unless you consider your logical thinking.

Instead of chasing only the key to happiness, you should try to avoid blaming and depending on others for your contentment. Yes, prepare yourself with utmost positivity. Be confident of one thing you are the final architect of your happiness.

Here are some practical ways that you can try to boost your positivity when you become mentally prone to make others responsible for your happiness.

1) Don’t compel others unnecessarily to bear your burden of accomplishing delight. Yes, merely relying on others to find joy and get happy is meaningless. Moreover, by doing so, you force them to live up to your expectations, often leading to incomplete and unsatisfactory outcomes. So, it is much better you go ahead to design your carving according to your potential regarding achievement. It, for sure, ensures attaining the desired result.

2) Don’t let your smile get lost during your unhappy and dejected moments. It is not always possible to achieve and retain contentment in life uninterruptedly. Even it is not easy to find a trustworthy friend always in time of need. Also, you can’t always have someone to remind you that be positive and let your mind and heart smile with absolute gratification. Hence, be the owner of your feeling and design it solely with definitive positivity. In short, don’t let or depend on others to delight your senses.

3) Never compare yourself unnecessarily with others. Some people always suffer from envy. They consistently remain puzzled in thinking that others are happy and they are not. Don’t become a member of this frustrating queue.

Always think positively. Don’t forget that you are the best, and you have all the ability to dream and the power to turn that into reality. And by that, you can attain satisfaction and happiness on your own. 

Yes, keep the confidence always intact. Don’t be a part of that rat race that only raises jealousy in you. Stop guessing that “you are doing it all wrong.” Always believe wholeheartedly in an essential thing that not following others’ path doesn’t mean you are incorrect or faulty. 

Your different way of thinking and implementing is a reality because it should be like that. And those who can’t do that can’t also build their own identity. In truth, simply following others’ paths and relying on them doesn’t necessarily bring the desired result. So better be the writer of your own success story. The one thing you can do while doing your job is you could take inspiration from others’ achievements but don’t follow or depend on them blindly.

4) Don’t blindly rely on X’s opinion and blame Y for everything. Be sure of one thing: an individual can’t make everything right and everyone happy in the real world. Similarly, it is not always possible that your desired person can live up to your satisfaction in a specific job all the time. And at the same time, it is not good to confer priority on another person’s words and start criticizing that individual for the incomplete project. 

If you are in pain and unhappy with the selected person’s unfinished job, keep patience with yourself. Take time to find out the causes behind it and the ways to address that. Honest effort always unfolds solution and thereby lead to joy and contentment. 

5) Ensure the possession of a mind and feeling which can value every moment of your precious life. There is no denying that human life is undeniably valuable. And humans live in the present because the future is uncertain and the past is gone. 

It means you don’t know what is waiting for you in the future. All you have is the present. So, wasting that present by condemning others and retaining despair and depression means losing a significant part of your precious life. Therefore, overthinking nonfulfillment and living in dejection can’t make anything right. 

Honestly, life is a reflection of both accomplishment and nonfulfillment. Sometimes you can enjoy successful attainment, and sometimes you feel sad for dissatisfaction. Without a doubt, coveted achievements always bring delight, and unfinished attaining unlocks frustration. It is indeed an expected emotional impact that every human being faces. 

However, giving priority to only nonfulfillment can’t result in anything good or beneficial. Even blaming others due to frustration unfolds only negative impacts. Therefore, it is better to avoid dependence on others for your happiness and make them responsible because of incomplete achievement. Be the sole author of your feelings and emotions and let them bloom with delight and remain happy.    

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