Drink life till the last drop

Don’t Miss The Chance To Drink Life Till The Last Drop

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Drink life till the last drop
Drink life till the last drop

Life is precious. But, we make it boring. Yes, I, we, you-everyone of us cease it with a list of daily routines. Doing monotonous activities and living in a utopian world is the best choice of the majority. In reality, we dream and wait for the best to come. There is a common tendency to dream of something great. Yes, you sleep every night dreaming for a miraculous tomorrow. And this relentless waiting prevents you from getting the chance to drink life till the last drop.

Now, this hanging with aimless anticipation all the time is meaningless. Waiting for someone all the time to come and offer you a better tomorrow or a better opportunity is foolish thinking. It would be best if you understand that you can’t read your future words. All you have is your past and present. 

Your past is over. And, your present is in your hands. So be practical to cherish the current moment. Remember, every day is new dawn full of plenty of good times. Just live them with complete enthusiasm. In addition, don’t forget these are your current opportunities. They lead to the entrance of meaningful prospects. And, once you enter, you can feel the progress.

Moreover, constant progression or advancement is the only way to achieve something significant. And this growth can be felt only when you embrace every small thing in life. Over time these little things turn into the big ones.

You may question whether all little things are valuable. The answer is time will judge their relevance. However, be sure that even a minor entity acts as a catalyst. In actual words, consider your life as a place of experiments. And it needs catalysts or stimuli to move forward. Now, more experiments mean more effort. That means a significant step of striving to become superior.

One important thing regarding it is that the path to superiority is full of challenges all the while. And, it is undeniable that challenges unlock opportunities. Moreover, you can catch the opportunity if you dare to meet the challenge.

Yes, courage can unfold chances. But to grab them, you have to follow three rules. First, Cherish and cultivate the yesterdays. Next, dream for a meaningful tomorrow. And the third one is to live the present. As already stated that the existing moments are precious. So, hanging in uncertainty is worthless. Be brave to attempt the ride of present life with a genuine urge for achievement. And by doing it regularly, you can drink life till the last drop.

Also, potent forces only come to aid a brave man. And, those who fear failure can’t admire life with all its beauty. It means you can’t enjoy life unless you dare to meet and embrace the living realities. In addition, embracing life with all its realities like an adventure is an effective way to acquire the best out of it. In short, try to make the most of it and get the maximum advancement from that.

The bottom line is living always needs a cause to remain alive. And that cause compels a human to admire life. Yes, a life without having a purpose is senseless. Every day you need to find answers to two vital queries. First, what best I have already achieved in my life. And the second, what next I have to do. You can address these questions successfully once you are competent to spend your life in your desired way.

Honestly, living as per wish is the real motto of most people on earth. Popular American actor, Danny Kaye, said this in his best words. He opined that “Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” There is no denying that life is a vast canvas. That means it is limitless, and it is up to you how colorful or meaningful you can make it. It is indeed true that life means no restriction. In short, life contains no limitations. It is only your choice whether to impose a limitation or not.

It depends on you whether to live a free life or not. One thing you should remember, that you have one life. And, selecting specific days to live in captivity or fly like a free bird is your choice. Now, living in captivity means bearing anxiety. And, anxiety can’t boost your urge to stay with complete joy. It rather symbolizes the said livelihood in confinement.

In a true sense, the said mental caging finally unfolds a sense of fear within. Yes, a panic that staying free as a bird may end up living long before the time. However, the truth is this anxiety should not contain the question about ending. Instead, it should have the cross-question that there is only one life, and if it gets lost in panic and mental captivity, it will not come again. Eminent American singer and songwriter Kevin Welch made a significant comment regarding this human life.

Kevin Welch said, “There’ll be two dates on your tombstone and all your friends will read ’em but all that’s gonna matter is that little dash between ’em.” Yes, the timespan you enjoyed being alive will be the only topic of discussion after your demise. That specific period will tell that you got the chance to live only one life. And whether you left any stone unturned during that time frame. If the answer is no, that means you successfully utilized the one-time chance to drink life till the last drop.

For every human, the fundamental purpose of life is to live it with all its basics, essentials, and requirements. In a word, exploring all its aspects and, in addition, reaching out keenly to every part of it with an open mind is undeniably the final resolution of every individual. The reason behind this objective is to explore life in every moment and not the moment in life. And, to get that, you don’t have to obey any hard and fast rule. Just live it with all its joy and experiences till the last minute because you have the right to celebrate your life.

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