Don’t Let Your Today Die For Your Tomorrow

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Time is too short, and we have to achieve the goal. Yes, every day, we live with that same thought. We are busy chasing our dream for tomorrow, and we don’t have time to relish our today.

As humans, we demand from life our future, but life never requests us to look for the present in return. Because life knows we don’t waste our time to notice and enjoy the unnoticed today. For us, time flies every moment, and we run to catch and hold it forever. In short, we let our today die for our tomorrow.

We forget the hard truth that every day comes with a new lease of prospects, and ignoring them ultimately leads to the demise of our goal. Being modern folks, we only look for magnificent things, like success, fame, money, fortune. It is undeniable that these things easily allure our senses. They are so glittering in our dreams that we forget to collect the treasures of the present time. Even we don’t bother to retain the treasures that we already have.

An eternal craving is always lurking within us. With unmatched revolutionary progress, humans on earth now can lead a life of infinite amenities, which were almost unaccessible a century ago. And this easy access has made us believe in taking the said convenience for granted. Therefore there is no need to pay attention to these things regularly. We think that we already possess what today contains for us. And we need something new, something more, which we can only acquire tomorrow.

The bitter truth is everyone – you, me, and every individual on this earth are not mere ordinary human beings. We are buyers. From day one, we have been purchasing our dreams, our success, and our greed. However, all these things always exist around us. They only appear with a new shape and form and allure us to grab them as much as possible. And, we engage in a rat race to grasp them unopposed. In a word, we fight for tomorrow, not knowing we already have an unopposed today, which finally makes an inroad into the future.

There are thousands of examples showing how modern people are so addicted to tomorrow.

If you are a businessman and you are out to attend dinner with your friends, you still stare at your smartphone to check the stock market reports. That means even if you try to enjoy the feast or supper of today, you can’t have that because you are mentally prone to know your prospects in next day.

The example has made one thing clear that your chase for a bright future ultimately kills the usual way of surviving. Even after acquiring everything, you are thirsty for more contentment or satisfaction. And, to chase that fulfillment, you ignore what you have and what you can earn at present. In conclusion, with a haste approach to satisfy the never-ending desire, you risk all those precious things unknowingly that life has already provided. As a businessman, your greed or crave can only identify the price stag. That is why stock market indications for tomorrow are a priority and not dinner.

You are so convinced with your desire that you forget to embrace life with all its completeness. You underestimate the value of simple, beautiful gifts that life provides every day.

In open eyes, ‘simple’ means the absence of the so-called magnificence. It doesn’t mean fame or money. But, it is the pillar of survival. Life has gifted you with those simple things, which make your daily life worry-free. It teaches you to address everyday challenges so that you can shape your dream future as per requirement.

Don’t let your today die. Live every day.

Don’t let your busy life get suffocated with an infinite future schedule. Make a way to live every day. Life is precious, and each day is valuable with immense prospects. Now, letting those prospects fade in a mist of tomorrow’s desire is an act of stupidity. In a word, don’t let your aspiration bloom at the cost of your genuine pursuit. Delights and pleasures are in the queue to embrace you regularly, and most importantly, they are real. So please don’t ignore them.

Another essential thing is, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, so live today and don’t let it die. Enjoy your life with all blessings that exist around you. Spend time with your dear ones. Look after your hobbies. Manage time to play the games you like most. Cherish the most soothing memories. In addition, share your thoughts with your friends, parents, or lovers. Enjoy every moment with joy.

Yes, all these things of today give us a better tomorrow.

We all should be grateful to our lives that we have so many great things around us that inspire us to live with a strong determination. There is no denying that a human being lives with a purpose — a purpose of having a better tomorrow. And there is no wrong with it. But, we should understand that we can’t prepare a bright tomorrow at the expense of today. Indeed, every one of us, including you, needs fame, money, and everything but not at the cost of what you already have.

Drink your life till the last drop. Don’t get yourself so much busy that you miss your day-to-day living. Remember, your desire for earning needs effort, not a price list. Also, be cautious that your craving for mundane wealth should not bury your existing treasures.

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