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Does The Poetry Of Today Manifest Only A Profound Sense Of Tragedy?

poetry of today
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A sharp difference is visible between the poetry of today and the previous eras. For sure, modern creations appear more associated with everyday life compared to the past lyrics. And this association molds the poetic content with a changed pattern. As a result, present-day poetry manifests a profound sense of tragedy.

In previous ages, poetry was more akin to dream adventures. Poets at that time preferred to draw adventurous supernatural stories. Sometimes heavenly and sometimes eerie or unearthly feeling flooded their creative contents.

However, today’s authors feel the joy of paving differently. They choose to portray events of everyday life. Many of their poetic creations touch on tragic elements of human life.

However, tragic elements don’t mean the so-called tragic adventures of superheroes. They don’t feel the enthusiasm for depicting a king’s or queen’s fate belonging to an imaginary world. For them, every aspect of human life appears much more precious. And the urge of that natural human world drives them to demonstrate those events that seem more real.

Without a doubt, the poetry of today remains more penetrating. Every bit of a modern poem unlocks the expression of the true self. And because of this, current readers get small or almost no scope to sense any unearthly event in today’s poetic creations.

A modern poet feels the compulsion to touch every little thing. It is hard for that author to remain blind about previously untouched small but essential things in life.

In reality, a solid inner impulse compels today’s poets to listen to birds chirping and wind blowing more realistically. Their dreams even relate to healing the pain of non-fulfillment in human life.

In short, a pure sense of lamenting is visible in several present poetic creations. The best part is readers can easily relate their feelings to these lyrical words. Even a tiny heart-breaking fact in the poem emerges as one realistic heart-touching reality to readers.

Eminent British poet and literary critic Lascelles Abercrombie’s poem The End of the World is an excellent example of this undeniable truth.

Moreover, the ever-touching poetic lines,

                      “My good life

                      And what good has my goodness been to me?

                      You show me that!”– show how the poetry of today defines life.

An absolute simplicity always exists in the words of current-day poetry. A poignant sense of real pain and disenchantment from life consistently breathes in eminent modern poets’ words. However, this bitterness sows the seed for incoming optimism in life like soulful illumination after darkness.      

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