Literature Is Also The Manifestation Of Modern Lives


How can one define literature? It is a true artistic expression of human thoughts. Yes, it is the most concrete definition.

But is it relevant to discuss this topic in the 21st century? Because most people think modern development only involves the association between science and fiction.

However, a fair discussion can uncover literature’s necessity in the modern era.

Literature is the manifestation of feelings as well as imagination.

It involves no specific guidelines to depict aesthetic pleasure that provides relief to the human mind.

Also, it doesn’t only mean a collection of books. It actually unlocks human passion filled with moral truth. It validates the true meaning of human lives embedded with sanity and largeness. It even enables us to define nature with a new and ever-changing perspective.

It is undeniable that many great literary works portray an honest mind’s true essence with spiritual feelings.

A promising tool for building great characters.

Even in modern times, literature is considered the best ornament of an honest mind. It empowers a man to form and possess a character embraced with knowledge. It unlocks the courage of a soul filled with virtue and spirit.

Many people believe that literature works as a promising instrument in exploring the “hidden voyages of a man’s moral intellect.” It molds human ideals that involve an in-depth perception of manners, behavior, and virtue.

A big chunk of the eminent poets, novelists, dramatists, political orators, satirists, so far, belonged to the world of literature. These people help to unfold every nook and corner of human nature.

That means literature is not a storehouse of books only. Moreover, it can’t only be an elegant part of an educated mind.

Literature is ever existing written document of the most relevant thoughts.

The documentation of excellent views and thoughts is the key feature of great literary works.

In other words, they explore the most relevant views of intelligent human beings.

Studying a great literary piece empowers a man to possess an open mind. And, an open mind always comprehends and identifies the required knowledge.

The truth is literature ultimately helps to refine the strength of sagacity, expression, exactness, application, and flexibility without compromising its essence.

Literature is the mirror of life.

Defining life is not an easy task. It always possesses a comprehensiveness.

Now, literature aims to study that comprehensiveness. It can establish intimate communication between reality and thoughts.

Nobody questions the truth that literature is a fine art. It contains its own quality.

When an author writes down his experience in words, he actually uncovers the reader’s world of imagination. And, imagination enables the transformation of something into something meaningful and significant.

The modern era needs that transformation power. Something new and creative can only get in shape with that power. The truth is literature can empower imagination into reality. 

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