happiness is a pretence

Does The Manifestation Of Happiness Is A Pretence When Pain Is Lurking Inside?

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happiness is a pretence
Happiness is a pretence

Great philosophers always opine that dichotomy is the essence of timeless creation. But can this be true in human life? Can human life bear pain with a face of happiness? Or it is a mere pretence! Yes, it is indeed a crucial question – does the manifestation of happiness is a pretence when the suffering is severe inside?

Life without a specific focal point is meaningless. But that doesn’t mean other inevitable entities don’t exist, or they don’t make an impact. Securing a genuine driving force of living is not so easy, even nor is it pleasant all the time. If survival is the final destiny to achieve, then humans have to embrace a dichotomy – the presence of happiness and pain. In short, human life must survive containing optimism and pessimism both, and there is no way to choose one escaping the other.

Optimism means the presence of happiness. And pessimism means the companionship of pain, suffering, or agony. It is a universal truth that every individual struggles to attain contentment, although the path of this attainment is challenging. Most people obtain a complete satisfaction of joy through several painful circumstances. That means suffering is a natural companion of life, but efforts are necessary to associate happiness with living.

When pain is an inescapable part of surviving, why do we try to make contentment an inevitable part of life? It is unquestionably true that remaining a pessimist is more effortless than becoming an optimist. In a word, life with agony, loss, and suffering may seemingly appear more logical, as it is easy-breezy to deride optimism more often. The realization is why we remain optimistic when we are all aware of the unavoidable presence of suffering in life.

When it is all clear that even after all efforts, human life is destined to bear the affliction of several causes from time to time, then is it meaningful to manifest mental satisfaction as a life companion? Or is it not meaningless to bear an expression of joy, even though severe aching is there inside? In short, a popular concept is unavoidable that the demonstration of happiness is a pretence when tormenting is going on.

However, from the first day of civilization, humans have constantly proven that life is the other name of meaningful prospects. And, there is no way we can cease it to a single word ‘no.’ Yes, life can remain meaningful in any situation, be it challenging or joyful, because we are the architect of our own lives. Even if we face an embarrassing situation, we can alter it into a happy moment.

Despite the presence of pain, living can’t bear happiness as a pretence all the time.

Like other different circumstances, tragic situations are a part of human lives. But, human nature is in no way ready to consider them as destiny. Searching positive sides from those gloomy conditions is a normal human tendency. We know that suffering must be there where happiness is the final consequence, and so there is no question of turning down the feeling of contentment in any way.

We know that as humans, we have the courage and ability to translate the negative, gloomy ingredients of existence into something positive. We know how to extract the best possible prospects from any circumstances. And, the best part of humanity relates to dignity, and dignity means attaining virtue through challenging paths of darkness.

A thousand examples are showing how people dare to challenge hardships and enjoy genuine pleasure in the heart.

Several people with severe sickness smile and indulge in merrymaking. A lot of creative individuals consider sufferings as the opportunity to become more resilient for producing satisfactory creativities. Some people find more courage to fight even after failing several times to accomplish their goals. The truth is life experiences have taught all these people how to achieve positivity, and so they don’t bow down to any tragic circumstances. They have learned to remain happy, showing no pretence in severe agony. In short, the theory – ‘happiness is a pretence’ does not apply to them.

Let start to be strong enough to extract the best from pain and hardships and enhance the craving for contentment without deceit.

If we wish to cherish the flavor of life, we have to embrace it with all its offerings. Life is a combination of pleasure, pain, hatred, and contentment. We have no choice to escape anyone of them, but we do have the opportunity to determine any of them as our destiny or companion of living.

With all human potential, every individual wants happiness to be the ultimate companion of survival. It is, for sure, that humans must use their capability to turn sufferings into constructive accomplishments. The fact is procuring good from bad to translate the worse into better is an assured choice for all human beings. The said process is the actual reason to show why the manifestation of happiness in a harrowing situation is not always a pretence.

We should understand that living on this earth is the most valuable thing in life. Moreover, we can’t miss the worthwhile flavor of the said precious thing for the sake of hardships in life. It can’t be our choice to become a pessimist and forget to cherish the satisfaction of joy. The world is full of negativity, but human beings are efficient enough to mold that gloom into positivity. And, bearing the expression of happiness even when the heart is aching with pain is an actual process of that molding and modulation required in life.

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