Do not Allow Your Fatal Ego To Celebrate Your Ruination

Being Positive
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay / ego

Having a sense of self-importance is okay. But allowing it to become destructive is not desirable. Yes, permitting your fatal ego to hamper your life is not good. 

We always value our self-esteem. But the moment we start believing in our own greatness, we begin to perish our potentiality of creativity. In reality, emphasizing self-worth unlocks an opportunity to boost the ego, which in turn starts shaping selfishness and ruining the actual potential of a meaningful life.

Hence, we should prioritize acting more constructively and prevent fatal ego from impacting negatively. But the question is how. 

We could keep our practice of unnecessary hyping of self-importance at bay by encouraging strong consciousness and realization. And once we become aware, we must begin acting productively to ensure the exploration of the positive impacts of that awareness.

People tend to adopt different ways to combat the selfish impulses associated with arrogance. They choose various strategies to address this issue. 

However, some easy yet significant exercises help to become humble and sober. These ways even help to stay calm, creative, and productive. But the crucial point is these strategies could act effectively only if we want to apply them constructively.

The first and most essential exercise to prevent ego is having a mindset of constant learning. 

Many of us possess a tendency to think that we already know everything. This kind of thinking allows the ego to arrive at a conclusion that we have figured everything out. And the worst part of this viewpoint is it hinders us from learning and ruins the essence of meaningful living in the long run. 

Now, possessing a nature of learning is the only solution to address this issue. On the one hand, it helps continue the process of acquiring knowledge. And on the other hand, it prevents the ego from affecting negatively. 

The next prime exercise includes making the productive effort the center of attention, not the consequence.

One undeniable reality is we all pursue creative endeavors, but we do not have any control over the outcome. The point is – we cannot direct any course of action to deliver a coveted result. We can only expect. 

It means we can try hard to deliver our best by focusing on our actions properly, but the external reward is something that we cannot command.

That means you can choose to perform, and the successful outcome is the best reward you want to have as it provides satisfaction. But it never means the world will end if you do not get the coveted result. You should learn to do your best to produce something positive constantly, even if you cannot achieve the expected result.

Stopping living in a hallucination of achieving success all the time is another crucial exercise to tame the ego. 

When you succeed in a specific work, you may think this success story will be the final word in every future action. However, this is not true. Moreover, this kind of perception unlocks the attitude of overconfidence or ego, which in turn brings failure.

We should remember that instead of making a daydreaming narrative, it is better to live with reality. Yes, we must focus on the present moment instead of creating an unnecessary dream world of success.             

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