Curiosity And Creativity

Curiosity And Creativity, The Foundation Pillars To Mold Thoughts Into Artistic Concepts

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Curiosity And Creativity
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The birth of artistic concepts needs two essential traits, curiosity and creativity. History reveals that these two characteristics play a pivotal role in evolving the power of artistry in a man. Even these two qualities help one to emerge as a good learner.

In the real world, most people have a common illusion that creativity is an inborn quality. They also believe that only a few people land with this rare trait. According to them, it just pops up into the thought of some specific persons. However, in reality, it is not like that.

As one of the prime learning elements, creativity survives by nurturing the ever-new components surrounding the human world. It is an ongoing process that always remains alive. Moreover, it is a skill that evolves from a continuous effort to grasp the most effective realization of every necessary detail.

Like creativity, curiosity, too, is a continuing process. It is like remaining thirsty forever to know whatever remains unknown. A curious mind always remains hungry to uncover something new and creative. And this craving acts like a driving force to create something unique that ultimately becomes known as creativity.

One important thing regarding this is that being the most curious person on earth appears meaningful only when that person feels the urge to seek an explanation for his curiosity. Because the entire journey of craving and evolving finally ends in improving the process of learning, which in return boosts the potentiality of artistry. Yes, the artistry that unlocks the mastery in a specific field and survives with a human identity is called an artist.

The thirst for knowing the unknown is a common trait in every individual. A person sitting on the beach can feel curious to understand why the setting sun looks vinous. A creative mind can inspire a lady to draw lines with her finger on the rain-bathed window glass. And those lines together could even make a beautiful portrait. That means the intense interest in something to know about it and the deep desire to innovate something new are two natural traits existing in every man’s thinking. The only question is why and from where do these two things come?       

According to Roman belief, all humans have a “genius.” It comes as inborn quality in every human and guides them through their life with curiosity and creativity. However, some call this “genius” x-factor or extraordinary talent. They believe that not every human being can possess it.

Nevertheless, various studies say that it is an inevitable and inseparable feature. Moreover, it remains responsible for molding a person’s potential. Also, it is believed that the successful transition of an ordinary man into an eminent writer, singer, or painter takes place due to this x-factor.

Many experts believe that a perfect balance between curiosity and creativity is possible because of this “genius.” It acts as a catalyst to increase the desire to understand and the craving for innovation. As a result, an artist can feel the liberation of responsibility. And due to this liberation, the artist gets the opportunity to question his own potentiality if his invention fails to reach its fullest potential.

Moreover, he can feel discouraged. But, the urge of the curious mind to understand the reason behind failure and the desire to offer the necessary creative touch for the best ultimately help renovate the artistic enthusiasm in the mind.

Also, the best part of genuine artistic enthusiasm is that it stops an artist from becoming excessively proud. Taking credit for something extraordinary and innovative is a natural thing. However, feeling undue obsession with pride is not good. In reality, taking needless credit is intoxicating. And a simple artistic mind never promotes such a thing. Instead, it maintains a balanced communication between mastery and creation. And with the help of curiosity and creativity, it finds a robust and meaningful way to evolve a better definition of artistry.                        

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