life as a reality

Consider Life As A Reality, Not A Problem, And Drink It To The Brim

Being Positive
life as a reality
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Challenges and worries are parts of human life. But defining them as the meaning of living identity only unlocks the door of concerns in mind. Also, it uncovers the feeling that living means a journey of solving problems only. However, this mentality leads to the ocean of unending confusion, which is never desirable. So, it is better to consider life as a reality, not a problem, and then only one can enjoy the true meaning of living.

Drinking life to its full brim is the most coveted desire. And it is only possible when a person feels the urge to see life with umpteen possibilities. Nevertheless, it can become feasible only with an urge to experience life with all its characteristics.  

The worst part of the feeling of solving problems in life is ultimately avoiding solving them in reality. The reason is human existence meets umpteen number of new issues every moment. Some of them appear fun and enjoyable, while others remain unknown. And these undisclosed matters crave the answer for a solution.

In truth, a big chunk of human beings doesn’t feel the impulse to learn why those issues appear unknown to the human mind. Instead, they search for ways to bypass them with not always suitable alternatives. Now one can find this bypassing diverting, but it doesn’t sound like contemplating the realities of life.

Also, diversion is only an effort to escape the issues. And it ultimately lands an individual in the land of worries and concern. As a result, the darkness of anxiety covers the area of contemplation. Questions start surrounding whether there was a possibility to solve the undisclosed matters or escaping was the right option. By the time previous experiences of enjoyment of reality start emerging in the mind. And a feeling begins pricking the thinking that resolving the unsolved matters could increase the scope of enjoyment and come out with a better experience.

The entire thing surfaces as if losing an opportunity by having only a narrow opening of sipping the flavor of enjoyment. Nevertheless, complete satisfaction with a wide opening could be practicable only through estimating life as a reality that can fill the bag of learning experiences.

Every individual needs to embrace a big realization that living with challenges is a part of survival. In addition, accumulating experiences from them is the key to making that survival meaningful. However, refusing them to accept as learning events only make that living a reflection of difficulties.

Let’s not give troubles cover the entire day. Try to keep them in perfect positioning. So that hullabaloo of complications gets silenced with ideal solutions. And that satisfying silence opens the closed window of possibilities. Yes, possibilities, which, in other ways, are known as realities because, finally, the gratifying drinking of sustenance is viable only by apprising life as a reality that comprises the journey of gathering learning experiences.                        

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