Charles Dickens's Hard Times

Charles Dickens’s Hard Times: A Conflict Between Emotion And Intellect

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Charles Dickens's Hard Times
Charles Dickens’s Hard Times

Charles Dickens’s Hard Times is compelling evidence of social structure during the Victorian era. It demonstrates an uttermost tragic limit pervading the society to which emotion and intellect become entangled.

Honestly, the famous English novel reveals a long conflicting situation that emerged during the long Christian tradition in Victorian society. It shows how miserable the conflict was between reasons and sentiments. The English novelist’s words in the story reveal the strong dominance of reason, wit, and intellect in society. At the same time, the writer has also exhibited how strong arguments between them regarding establishing their superiority during this time took place.

The exciting part is Dicken’s narration reveals how the fight usually appeared too strong, even though sometimes it became nothing more than a skirmish. In short, Charles Dickens’s Hard Times displays how the effectiveness of the eighteenth century’s dominating intellect and wit decreased during Dickens’s times. Even the sensible utility of these two components of intellectualism in the early nineteenth century lost their grandeur afterward. From a pinpointed view, a profound clash between emotion and intellect acquired a significant shape.

Some analysts opine that the visible conflict between emotion and intellect in Hard Times portrays Dickens’ search for the best between head and heart. There is no denying that the said novel suggests the novelist’s desperate fighting against the anomalies in society. He has unhesitatingly highlighted the deep black patch that hammered the progress of the human world in the Victorian periphery.

Dickens shows courage to reveal human nature. On the one hand, he displays how a section of societal people preferred to work with intellect. Their main goal was to serve the betterment of the human world, even if the attempts included some flaws. On the other hand, another section emerged following emotions while performing every work.

Most importantly, the clash between these two sections ultimately uncovers a fight between the rich and the poor. It unfolds how social abuses could occur in the past and current eras. Moreover, Charles Dickens’s Hard Times discloses that the rift widened when the small capitalist class became desperate to suppress the considerably big labor class. In short, it indeed appears as a hard time for humanity to understand why a fraction of humans is against the betterment of the human world.

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