The revolutionary poet Shelley

French Revolution And The Revolutionary Poet Shelley

Percy Bysshe Shelley was one of those English Romantic poets who lived with high passion. His idea of idealism and the activity of a dreamer surfaced through the words in his poems. The scope of living during and post-era of the French Revolution bestowed him the opportunity to embrace the impacts of the French uprising. […]

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French revolution and English literature

French Revolution And English Literature, Poetry

No theory or opinion can restrict the boundary of the French Revolution to a mere household matter of France. In reality, it unfolded a new era in entire Europe’s literature, social, economic, and political history. And as per this discussion, its significant impacts were acutely visible in the authors’ works, especially English writers. Also, because […]

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Geoffrey Chaucer's achievents and contributions

The Significance Of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Achievements And Contributions To English Language And Literature

Any discussion about the English language and literature remains incomplete without mentioning Geoffrey Chaucer’s achievements and contributions. The pioneering poet is still standing as the mighty contributor to the English language. Experts believe that he transformed a dialect into a language. A discourse can unlock this truth more accurately. To begin with, a very brief […]

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the age of Geoffrey Chaucer

Looking Back The Age Of Geoffrey Chaucer

The fourteenth-century means the age of Geoffrey Chaucer. This century is historically significant for witnessing several important events that Chaucer lived and wrote. The decline of feudalism took place at this time. And the growth of the English spirit started flourishing from this period due to vital wars with France. The said time is also […]

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proponent of the renaissance spirit

Geoffrey Chaucer, A Proponent Of The Renaissance Spirit

For a student of English literature, Geoffrey Chaucer is a symbol of excellence. And for the readers, he is “the Father of English Literature.” Yes, there are a thousand reasons to define why he deserves this title. But one big question is can we confine Chaucer’s periphery to literary terms only? Or apart from his […]

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healthy realism to English poetry

Chaucer’s Healthy Realism To English Poetry And Perceiving Life More Realistically

The world knows Geoffrey Chaucer as one of the greatest English poets whose contribution to English literature is matchless. He is, for sure, the first English poet who brought a healthy realism to English poetry. It is his pioneering dynamism as an author to bring poetry closer to both nature and reality. Chaucer started his […]

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unconventional storyline

Unconventional Storyline Is The Lifeblood Of Conrad’s The Lagoon

Joseph Conrad is perhaps one of those few eminent writers who boldly chooses unusual themes as the core subject matter to pen some of his famous works. The lagoon is one such short story of the author that opens up an unconventional storyline. Like many other short stories of several authors, The Lagoon also describes […]

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Joseph Conrad-The Lagoon

Joseph Conrad’s The Lagoon Is A Specimen Of Moral Dilemma

Joseph Conrad’s The Lagoon is perhaps one of those rare literary pieces that acutely draw frustration of human aspirations. A story in the Malayan setting shows an unbearable aspect of human tragedy. Yes, The Lagoon is a tale of a courageous man, Arsat, who only wished to live a bold and peaceful life, devoid of […]

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Donna Lucia

Donna Lucia, An Apt Character In Maugham’s Lotus Eater

William Somerset Maugham’s genius as a story writer is indisputable. His words display his inexhaustible innovative urge. The invention of Donna Lucia in The Lotus Eater is an ideal example of that creative urge. It is undeniable that Maugham is famous for his appealing literary form. His unique way of dealing with the human affair […]

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