Marxism-influence as English literature content

Marxism-Influence As English Literature Content

Marx spent a vast portion of his later life in England. Also, the big part of his epoch-making creation, Capital, or Das Kapital, got shaped in words in England that uncovered the principles of Marxism. But the question is whether Marxism-influence as English literature content emerged in the later period.  As a philosopher and socialist […]

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the poetry of revolt

Does Modern English Poetry Mean Poetry of Revolt?

Is modern English poetry synonymous with the poetry of revolt? There is another question hidden in answer to this question. The hidden query is can anyone fix the border of modern poetry? Or is it possible to define the actual borderline of the beginning of contemporary or modern poetry? Modern or contemporary English poetry means […]

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What role does the supernatural play in shaping romantic literature?

Romantic literature is a popular term among the readers. There is no denying that understanding romanticism in literature always helps to know literature with a more accurate inner perspective. However, this kind of specific literary movement contains particular rhetoric that includes the author’s supernatural aspect usage. Literary history all over the world has fascinating antiquity […]

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human life is like tram-cars

Human Life Is Like Tram-Cars As Described in Maugham’s Lotus Eater

Somerset Maugham’s The Lotus Eater is one of the impeccable short stories uncovering the actual routine-based human life on earth. It says human life is like tram-cars. Yes, the opening paragraph of the short story The Lotus Eater begins with an appealing introduction. It depicts the inner reality of the so-called diverting human life. There is […]

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Somerset Maugham, A Genius of Present Century English Literature

The discussion about present century English literature remains incomplete without Somerset Maugham. As an eminent short-story writer, novelist, and playwright, Maugham always appeared as an indisputable genius. His words exhibit his inexhaustible creativity. His creative urge with brilliancy can be visible in story contents and writing styles. The famous short story The Lotus Eater is […]

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great personalities write books on themselves

Why Should Great Personalities Write Books on Themselves?

We are very much familiar with reading autobiographies of great personalities. But how many times we feel the urge to know why should great personalities write books on themselves? There could indeed be a thousand benefits of writing an autobiography. But the million-dollar question is why a great person must pen books on himself. To […]

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children's literature

Children’s Literature in The Form of Book is The Need of the Hour

Does children’s literature in the form of books is the need of the hour, mainly when electronic gadgets are constantly engulfing the world of childhood? Because for so many years, it plays a vital role in molding childhood perfectly.   There is no denying that childhood means the co-existence of curiosity and queries. And, Children’s literature […]

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grey literature

Does Modern Literature Include Grey Literature To Some Extent?

Discussion about grey literature is not new. However, numerous questions may arise if the discussion includes a relation between modern literature and grey literature. Literature means an artistic expression of thoughts filled with feelings and imagination. Modern literature implies expanding traditional thoughts and the inclusion of a new dimension of reality, imagination, and feelings. On […]

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